Original Joby Gorillapod Small (Camera Tripod) - £4.37 Instore @ Asda

Original Joby Gorillapod Small (Camera Tripod) - £4.37 Instore @ Asda

Found 30th Jun 2010Made hot 30th Jun 2010
Original Joby Gorillapod Small - £4.37 Instore @ Asda

Saw these for sale at the photo counter at Asda Thornaby. Seemed to have plenty in stock.

Black in colour.



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Great was about to order one from 7dayshop for more, but now no need to wait for delivery

I remember buying one of these when they first came about, and I paid a stupid amount for it (can't remember the exact price). I wouldn't say it's worth the price I paid, but it's definitely worth £4.37! Obviously it's not a tripod for professional photographers, but it's great for digicams. I currently use mine for my Kodak ZX1 which I use to record DVD updates on Youtube. Very handy little thing

although its a cracking deal, i have seen these in asda for £3 in the past year. hot anyway, as its a hand bit of kit for using on railings etc .

I bet Farnborough don't have them for that price...

Voted hot though, very good price...

paid 30£ for a slr one 2 yrs ago

deal extreme do copies quite cheap.

I have a similar model that I use with my Fuji bridge camera, these are very portable and versatile since you can wrap them around just about anything so can make for some interesting angles when shooting.

Great deal.
Have some heat.

lol at "joby"

it's just me then :whistling:

These are excellent. Really good to take pictures at inventive angles as you can hook them to trees, wardrobes, light fixtures, etc.

Anybody else seen them for this price? Nothing at Leicester Foss Park :x

None left in Nottingham apparently its a deleted line. Whatever that means!
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