Original Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb  -  WHITE £10.45 @ gearbest

Original Xiaomi Yeelight E27 Smart LED Bulb - WHITE £10.45 @ gearbest

Found 8th Feb 2016
Wifi controlled smart LED bulb, according to gearbest is 63% off down from £23.58. I always wanted an LED lamp that I can control over Wifi, but they are usually expensive. This one seems to be cheaper. Didn't actually try it yet, so unsure about the quality. Posting it in case others are interested.

Some of the gotchas, from the little information I have:
1. As per the demo video it looks like a direct wifi control, so unsure if your phone can use the home-wifi while connected to it.
2. Its spec seems to be 4000K, so warm white at best (see for a color chart - http://www.seesmartled.com/kb/choosing_color_temperature/).
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Have some heat, just checked out the site and vid!
4000k is very cold white
yes you can use wifi at the same time
I've only tried the Bluetooth magic bulb before. It was cool. But I don't like leaving my Bluetooth on constantly for battery usage.

If you turn off the light via the app you have to turn it back on via the app. So I stopped using it, be alright for a lamp.

As for gearbest, I wouldn't use again, the item took over 20 days to be dispatched. Then a further 27 days to arrive. Their CS doesn't exist. I left a poor review on trustpilot after 3 attempts at their CS. For them to reply, they were saying send them my order number, I got trustpilot mod to send it and over heard nothing back.

I'll stick to banggood.com instead.
I'm not a fan of Gearworst either.
I have the Philips Hue and Hue Lux lights which I think were well worth the investment in the long run. What I initially thought to be a total novelty turned out to be something I enjoy using every day. You get what you pay for, as usual.
i got these at about £7 a few months ago..not the best price atm
I bought this last week for £5.67 ordered 2. Mainly for the kids bedroom.
Gearbest are so slow at deliveries. Ordered an adapter for my iPhone to add infrared ordered it in October received it 2 weeks ago. Was only £2 and write it off to lost. Best off changing warehouse to European one they come a lot quicker.
Sorry, but Philips is cheaper, cold cold cold
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