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Fibre broadband and line rental £23.00 a month 18m @ Origin
Found 30th NovFound 30th Nov
Quidco £47 so would work out £20.39 Includes FREE Setup

Origin broadband went for the expand rapidly model and they do seem to be struggling to keep up right now. As mentioned above they've had to drop a small number of customers and there have been reports of a couple of rounds of redundancies. It'll be interesting to see whether it pays off in the long run and they manage to stabilise and become profitable but right now I'd definitely consider it one of the riskier options on the market. Interesting for those with good mobile connections/packages than can manage without the landline if it turns out to be problematic, but I wouldn't consider them for your main internet connection.


In my experience these are very bad. Took them months to refund my money they took in error at the end of my contract. Lots of chasing them. Saying they had sent a cheque. Next time it will show up in your bank in 3-5 days. Cost money to call them too. Absolutely appalling customer services.


I ordered Origin Broadband for a property I was moving in to but had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances which prevented me from moving in. This was well within the first 14 days. Once I'd moved in I put a new order in and they started charging for both the order I canceled and the new order. It was regularly taking 30mins or so to get through to customer services and no one knew how to stop one of the two lots of payments. In the end I switched to EE 3 months in to the contract and now they are chasing me for an early termination charge of £325. Stay well away from this mob.


I bought an 18 month contract with these renegades. Never ever had an issue with a provider all my life until these guys. Constant drop out connections, speed was at times like being back on 56k (when it worked) charges to exit despite paying contract up front. I couldn't wait to move from them. Complained so many times to try to get access back, which was so stressful, over 60 min before reaching an customer service representative 80% of the time. Truly awful. I would pay an extra £100 with another company than go back to these guys. Which is a shame as they are a smaller UK company.


The worst service provider I have ever come across. Stay away. Don't risk it.

Origin Broadband £16pm - Free Line Installation 12m contract
Found 22nd NovFound 22nd Nov
Been looking for cheap broadband as we have no fibre installed in our area and also need a new line installing. Origin are charging a flat £16 per month, and pay the usual new line… Read more
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Wow. Wonder how many folks have signed up to this prior to OP posting this deal? Shocking to say the least the bosses are spending on bigger premises in these difficult trading conditions. Clearly bad management not taking responsibility & accountability. I would hope any future companies out there looking to employ these muppets to give them a wide berth. Their reputation is in tatters & who would want to gamble on their industry expertise if you want to call it that. They can keep on spending the staff wages but that won't last long till they have to get back on the job market. I would expect ex-staff & old customers to spread their names around on the web so that nobody would want to employ them.


Interesting comments section https://www.ispreview.co.uk/index.php/2018/12/financial-concerns-for-uk-isp-origin-broadband-after-cva-proposal.html




As predicted a while back, there's job losses looming at Origin


What are they like anyone

Origin broadband for £139.99 for the year. 17Mb, line rental included
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Origin broadband for £139.99 for the year. 17Mb, line rental included
I know that opinion is pretty mixed about Origin (some pretty dissatisfied customers by the looks of it), but at this price it's still got to be worth a look. You have to pay the … Read more

Still with Origin and have to say they were excellent on the old ADSL connection - no complaints whatsoever. Got a free upgrade to fibre in October and since then it's been very consistent with the disconnections. BT Openreach have been out multiple times and always give the line/connection a clean bill of health. Based on price at roughly £16 per month for a 32/33M connection I think it's good value but the daily disconnections are a real negative! My GF in the same village and exchange has an almost identical experience with Origin since the change over to Fibre. I'm led to believe they use Talk Talk equipment for the network? I'm due to complete my Supersaver contract at the end of May - need to make a decision to revert back to ADSL (13¬16M) or change providers...


This is the result of using Origin Broadband. The modem will synch fine with the exchange at over 72mbps but the true performance drops to a crawl all the time. This is not a OpenReach problem. Their complaints email address gets rejected, no surprise there! They have cut their support times from the stated 24/7 in the terms of agreement to 8:30am to 8:30pm, where most of the problems occur after 8pm. Avoid at all cost.


Origin have to be the worst isp in the uk maybe the world, nothing but trouble from day one, don't be sucked in by cheap price ,pay abit more and get better service elsewhere.


the worst broadband provider ever. internet outage at least twice a day. i wouldn’t stay with them even if its free.


its a 2 year contract, the first year is discounted, and the second year is... (from their website under legal bits): Following the 12-month contract, you’ll be placed on a rolling one-month contract at the non-promotional price which currently stands at £19.49 for line rental, and £9.99 for our unlimited broadband. The price may increase or decrease in the future.

2 year Origin Broadband & Line Rental (£70 Quidco = £8.75 a month)  £279.99 Upfront cost £11.67 Equivalent Monthly Cost
Found 19th Nov 2017Found 19th Nov 2017
2 year Origin Broadband & Line Rental (£70 Quidco = £8.75 a month) £279.99 Upfront cost £11.67 Equivalent Monthly Cost
Origin Broadband & Line Rental Supersaver 24. For those that afford to prepay do so!

Avoid avoid avoid Origin Broadband... Got a perfect ADSL connection to the exchange but try and download or watch anything in the evening and it's like watching paint dry... so slow! They have a severely inadequate network. Just counting the days until I'm out of contract and can escape from these jokers.


http://www.sky.com/shop/broadband-talk go via TopCashback for another £70


Do you have the Sky deal you refer to? Thanks


I had standard ADSL with BT and could stream 4K on Netflix and Amazon .... Moved to these and couldn't .... Had to upgrade to Fiber!!


Stay clear rubbish!!

origin 12 month broadband Upto 17Mbps Download speed / Upto 2Mbps Upload Speed - unlimited downloads £124.99 for the year.
Found 20th Jun 2017Found 20th Jun 2017
origin 12 month broadband Upto 17Mbps Download speed / Upto 2Mbps Upload Speed - unlimited downloads £124.99 for the year.
12 months best deal i found . unlimited only , add in phone if you want , pay upfront for £124.99 for the year. dont cancel your other provider let them do the work. in all the 3 y… Read more
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Vote cold!


I done this deal. Never ever go with them . The speed is good. But during peek times it falls. But worse off all i crashes for several hours during random days when your at your peek gaming or watching hd videos. Normally takes a crash 1hour to resolve .. never mind the consistant speed during all times will vary. Waiting times on phone is hours.. i cant curse on this but ##$%%@&+#&&@%$$+$ them


been over a week now & no issues at all for me


Dreadful provider. I've been with them six months and never made a succesful call to tech support. Currently my line is down and when you call the support line you get a message the number is not available. Broadband drops out every couple of hours for 2-3 minutes.


voted cold obviously

origin unlimited adsl broadband & line rental 12 month contract for £124.99
Found 12th Jun 2017Found 12th Jun 2017
origin unlimited adsl broadband & line rental 12 month contract for £124.99
I got the link from the MSE website where it states the total cost is £172 for the year but when you go to the weblink it says £124.99 Ive gone thru the order process and had conf… Read more
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been with them for 7 weeks now & service has been mostly OK marginally slower than SKY when downloading stuff had maybe a handful of short outages mostly after midnight that resolved within a couple of hours - for me just a minor irritation & didnt really bother me I guess if you are a heavy streamer of media then the outages might be more annoying depending on when they happen All in all I'd use them again if they were the cheapest again - however if there was another deal fairly close in price I would go with that for the extra reliability


I have submitted a complaint through resolver asking for a refund of unused months rental and a disconnection. Will escalate it to the umbudsman.


terrible service and Slow!! ! avoid them!


I signed up with them in Feb for an £180 upfront for one year. It has been problems eversince. Invariably the connecti0on speed drops to like .7 MBPS. I have disconnect and reconnect to get it running again. Contacting custome services is a challege as well as you are in a que for a long time and then they also say to disconnect and reconnect. Then there are periods when it stops working. Have not used their landline as I am on a basic contract but have the landline for my ADSL. I used to get speeds of 12 to 16 Mbps with sky and plusnet previously. I am looking at getting out of the contract and get my money back. Please dont go with them.


Yeah I'm happy enough to stay and not kick up a fuss assuming they will fix this, and I paid more for 1 year upfront. Won't call with the landline any more though, too expensive.

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Origin Broadband and Line Rental - £9.99 per month (£119.88/year)
Found 21st Mar 2017Found 21st Mar 2017
Origin Broadband and Line Rental - £9.99 per month (£119.88/year)
Broadband includes Up to 17 Mbps ADSL Unlimited usage 12 months contract Upfront costs Equipment cost: Free Connection cost: Free Delivery cost: Free Line installation fees may ap… Read more

Guys, please. Dont think about it just move on. Hands down worst BB Provider i have had in my life. They just dont care. simple as. Prepare for unexpected charges, 1hr waits to speak to someone listening to the same "moves like rhianna" song on loop.


Wow, I was hoping this being a smaller company they would stand out from the big boys with good service, as this deal is excellent. But I think Im going to steer clear now! Usually I would take a punt and think there is always going to be a few people who experience bad service, but not a single positive review on them yet!


without prejudice ..leaving soon after a 2 year line-advance tie-in the experience ( service and customer service was not pleasant)


Good to see that these guys are still a bunch of bungling amateurs. Last I knew of them was when they left thousands of customers without connections for weeks due to the infrastructure they served being closed down (having had a whole year to sort out a migration). On that occasion people were waiting 90 minutes to get through to call centre staff who did pretty much nothing. I don't know if it's still true - but it certainly used to be the case that many of their call centre staff were paid around half the adult minimum wage because they were "apprentices". It's certainly not a company I'd ever trust, nor one I'd want to support financially (yes, even compared to the likes of Sky!).


It worked out of the box for me. Had to chase them (on the freephone sales line) as they had difficulty taking me from my previous provider. Possibly as a result of this, I wasn't told when I would go live, but when my old internet cut-out I just swapped in the new router and it just worked.

Origin Fibre Broadband £31/m 12 M contract +  £59.99 set-up costs (£200 voucher making it £20 a month
Found 13th Mar 2017Found 13th Mar 2017
Origin Fibre Broadband £31/m 12 M contract + £59.99 set-up costs (£200 voucher making it £20 a month
From MSE Until Mon 20 March, new and existing customers (out of contract) can get this Origin Broadband* unlimited up-to-38Mb broadband and line rent deal on a 12-month contract. … Read more

hi, my situation has been linked to this deal thanks to AndyRoyd. I am speechless and shocked after my almost 3mnts experience with OB. Please, just avoid them. I was on the phone with them more than 420min /over 7hrs/ and I am still waiting for the BB and apparently the installation day is 21st March. /I paid a full year on the 2nd of Jan/ To be fair I got 2mnts for free after my year contracts ends as compensation... "nice", isn't it?


I had a TT line that initially synced at 14 but rose to just above 20 over period of first 10 days.


I've just moved to origin, moved without an issue. Currently syncing at 10mbps ... was 15mbps with BT. I hope it picks up!


Dataset of one is hardly representative of every account but always beneficial to be aware of previous issues.


Didn't realise it was so bad! Explains why its cold! Thought for the price it was a good deal!

Broadband for 2years for £299.99 (£264.99 after quidco) - Origin Broadband
Found 17th Oct 2016Found 17th Oct 2016
Broadband for 2years for £299.99 (£264.99 after quidco) - Origin Broadband
Origin broadband for 2 years 299.99 plus 35 pound quidco cash back makes to 265.99
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I recently got it and Short and plain ... steer away It takes more than an hour to wait on the phone line to speak to their customer service which are not amazingly happy to help. You would not get any replies to you emails or complaints. They may even charge you extra which you may completely struggle to get back. I have constant issues with DSL and the speed dropping out but guess what I cannot do much about it.


If you pay by credit card for more than £100 of services, the credit card company is then jointly liable if things go wrong, which might mean a refund from the credit card company ( http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/can-i-claim-on-my-credit-card-when-something-goes-wrong ). They are currently listed as the cheapest recommended provider for their 12 months deal by MoneySavingExpert on their broadband utilities page. "We've not had a great deal of feedback for smaller provider, Origin Broadband* but what we've had has generally been positive. Until Thu 5 Jan, new and existing customers (out of contract) can get its unlimited up-to-17Mb broadband and line rent discounted on a 12-month contract." The cashback is currently £38.50. Reviews are mixed, though mostly positive, there are some that are negative (problems during the switchover): http://www.ispreview.co.uk/review/products/799.html (about 45 reviews) http://www.reviewcentre.com/Broadband-Reviews/Origin-Broadband-www-origin-broadband-co-uk-reviews_1676255 (65 reviews) http://www.broadband.co.uk/broadband/providers/origin/ (169 reviews)


Hot from me. Works out as the equivalent of paying £12.50/mo for 24 months of line rental and broadband, free router & free router delivery. Also £40.25 from TCB which if paid would work out as equivalent of just £10.82/mo.


Looks like a struggling wannabe company, big boys will throttle them down every chance they get, apprentice customer services are not the way forward either!


Sorry mate don't know thnx

2 Years Line rental for only £199.99 - Bargain! (Origin Broadband)
Found 29th Jan 2015Found 29th Jan 2015
2 Years Line rental for only £199.99 - Bargain! (Origin Broadband)
I was recently looking to save some money on my line rental and came across a company called "Origin Broadband" after noticing their low price of £199 for 2 years line rental, I im… Read more
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I recently got it and Short and plain ... steer away It takes more than an hour to wait on the phone line to speak to their customer service which are not amazingly happy to help. You would not get any replies to you emails or complaints. They may even charge you extra which you may completely struggle to get back. I have constant issues with DSL and the speed dropping out but guess what I cannot do much about it.


Has anyone had any experience in buying the line rental from Origin and the broadband from a different provider? Even when buying broadband from Origin themselves, according to their website quote, the price for line rental is £274 for 2 years. So it would be weird if one could buy line rental from them for £74 off that together with their own broadband.


I have heard others say that and i have no reason to doubt you but I am not a business customer and I was contacted by email and by phone on multiple occasions. I do not understand how people were not aware that DR was shutting down, it had made online and printed press/media on numerous occasions. Prior to switch-off, i had decided to stay with Origin afterwards and was informed there was risk of downtime. The Sub-Loop Un-bundling which was at the heart of DR was pretty unusual and as such, BT were not governed by any of the regulations which are in place to protect consumers in other cases. The fact BT were unable to process and 'de-tag' the affected lines was the main cause of the delays. Based on everything I have heard, it was BT who behaved disgracefully. Were you one of the lucky ones who had the option of fibre in your local cabinet or are you also relegated to 3rd world service while BT wait for their black money? Origin were by no means faultless, but given the circumstances, i felt, and still do that they were still a better alternative than the big ones. I has 4G dongles delivered personally by senior management on two separate occasions - that is service in the face of adveristy


If your right or wrong it does not matter, Correct Customer Service would inform customers that the lines are going off. They did NOT, they only informed Business customers


More like 150 million, but the reason it failed was as much down to business politics. Big isp's had too much to lose going against BT. I believe LBO collapsed on the back of the end of it, and being unable to provision new customers. BT are dragging their feet with infinity because if they hang on a year or two, they qualify for BDUK grants. Our cabinet has fibre, it was due to go live end Sept but the bduk deal (agreed once DR was destroyed) was announced just before and now they are refusing to enable it as they will get given tax payers money to do so if they wait until next year

Origin Broadband - 24 months BT Line rental £199.99
Found 7th Nov 2014Found 7th Nov 2014
Origin Broadband - 24 months BT Line rental £199.99
Lots of these deals around but this is the cheapest I've seen. great for anyone who can afford £200 at christmas!

I stupidly signed up for Origin and have had no internet or phone service since my provisioning date 15 days ago! Aweful customer support, I find them rude and condescending. Totally incapable of dealing with any problem. Please please please don't sign up with these clowns, you will regret it!


can confirm went through the same issues with them and while I'm a customer I am also banned from posting on their Facebook


I would have posted my thoughts to their FB post for this deal, however they have banned everyone who has anything negative to say about them, I believe only their staff can post now (until the company goes bust and no doubt leaves them without a job)!!


Ahem I'm not promoting my forum it is forum that was set up when digital region was used in south Yorks however there are a number of people on their who have experienced what Jonohanson has I was one of them and my story is similar to his however the reason I put the address is to give people the chance to read what happened to origin customers and make their own decision. also your use of narcissist is incorrect, you probably mean egocentric.:)


Uh... Line rental is independent of anything else. I've been with providers for each for years and it's never been a coupled service. Unless £199 also includes 2 years broadband (which I doubt). Lol at the guy promoting his forum. Well informed experts always reside on those things XD. We should go elsewhere for a line because you've got an axe to grind? Bloody narcissist. Does anyone know if I can get their broadband in London? Postcode checker seems to suggest I can, but there's some stuff on there about a 'Yorkshire network'???

South Yorkshire Superfast FTTC Broadband Half Price for 3 months and free install Origin-Broadband
Found 26th Feb 2013Found 26th Feb 2013
South Yorkshire Superfast FTTC Broadband Half Price for 3 months and free install Origin-Broadband
Origin Broadband in South Yorkshire is offering free installation and half price for 3 months on 18month contract. £9.25 (17:50) for 24Mb down/10Mb up £12.50 (25) or 40Mb down/10Mb… Read more

Not available in Warwickshire.


Yup: Our service is not currently available in your area, please contact us for scheduled installation dates.


Does not cover all of South Yorkshire.