ORIGINS freebie
"Skinflints, tightwads and the financially embarrassed should get down to Origins counters (inquiries: 0800 731 4039), where you can receive a complimentary 20-minute Centre Peace head, back and arm massage, with no obligation to purchase products. You may also be able to blag some mini samples if you ask nicely. Better yet, if you spend £15 on an Origins product, you can have a proper 45-minute facial using the brand's marvellous new organic range. I'd wait until Friday, when the excellent new Perfect World Deep Cleanser, which costs £15, is launched."

PS: Not sure when this promo ends but the article was updated on 30th July so GOOD LUCK! Post your success stories, if any!

(from 'The body beautiful' article by Lesley Thomas
Last Updated: 12:01am BST 30/07/2008)

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I went for one of these (when i spent £15) and had a really nice facial - had quite a few freebies too I had to book in advance though. Didn't realise that they do a complimentary massage - sounds great (just what you need after a big shopping sess lol) Thanks kippy :thumbsup:

facial.... .lol.
i can imagine some fans of erotica visiting and asking for the facial and being very dissapointed.

ooooh i love facials!
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