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Posted 20 May 2023

Oris Aquis £1,332.90 Titanium mens Swiss automatic watch delivered @ Chisholm Hunter

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Reduced from £2,175.

Titanium 43.5 mm Swiss made divers watch in a popular dark grey colour with near 40% discount.

Sapphire glass with anti reflective coating, Swiss automatic movement and 300m water resistant. Use code EXTRA10.

3.46% TopCashback should eventually bring it below £1,300.

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Oris is founded by Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the Swiss town of Hölstein since 1904. Oris began its early stages by expanding its manufacturing space in order to compete with established brands at the time. Since then Oris has become a major brand in the Swiss Watch industry, using a range of movements including the pin-lever escapement.This smart Men's Oris watch from the Diver collection showcases a stunning 43.5mm Titanium case, protected with Sapphire crystal glass which has been treated with an anti-reflective coating, and an elegant grey dial with baton hour markers for increased legibility.A durable automatic movement provides the power.Other features include a rotating Grey bezel, a date complication, and a Titanium strap with a secure deployment clasp.Water resistant to 300 metres.

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  1. cannrobe's avatar
    Whats this got over a £30 watch that was bought from QVC 20 years ago and still keeps time? Are you paying for the name?
    Oh, it's got a clear back to see the movement, that's good........but you can't see that when it's on your wrist. Oh. it must be a display timepiece, I get it now, it's an investment like you when you buy NFTs!

    Out of interest what an automatic movement and how does it provide the power?
    heeljames's avatar
    It's men's jewellery. Your question is a bit like asking, "What does a £2000 gold ring do that this Haribo ring doesn't?" You're missing the point entirely by asking the question.
  2. y-so-izi's avatar
    Can this read your pulse like the iWatch?
    Bobbins's avatar
    Bobbins Author
    Those who know, know.
  3. sc0rpion79's avatar
    Patiently waiting on rolex gmt deals from ad, bubble is about to pop
    Bobbins's avatar
    Bobbins Author
  4. shedboy66's avatar
    I own two Oris Aquis watches solid built and this is a great price for the titanium version (edited)
  5. Brutal28's avatar
    I've got a solar titanium watch with sapphire glass for 10% of the price
    shedboy66's avatar
    Yawn 🥱
  6. Jez407's avatar
    This is nice
  7. simba2585's avatar
    These have such a comfortable bracelet....
  8. plantgary's avatar
    Very nice I wear a titanium Helm watch daily so light and comfortable
    Kato_MV's avatar
    I’m on the waiting list for the Komodo, only 5 years to go  
  9. Terra1980's avatar
    Lovely! Always liked these, loved the great barrier reef editions
  10. sysak's avatar
    Would love a Calibre 400 variant of that. 5 days of power reserve would be very handy.
  11. crazyfacedziggler's avatar
    I see that people are still surprised to learn they live in a capitalist profit driven society & not everyone drives a Trabant.
  12. penthaus's avatar
    Excellent price and lovely looking watch
  13. peter1969uk's avatar
    I’ve a few Oris watches including 2 Aquis, all have good build quality and all very durable. They have been put through their paces over the years.

    I’m not too sure about the design on the one, then again I prefer visuals of a chronograph watch.

    Good deal, have some heat. (edited)
  14. hiburn8's avatar
    great price. and if i didnt have two aquis models already, and a titanium diver… i’d be sold.
  15. gg1pl's avatar
    Really nice colour in divers watch style everyone loves
  16. Ulster1's avatar
    Lovely, although this model is too big for me. I have the 39.5mm green version and love it.
  17. SesameStreetKid's avatar
    Is Chisholm Hunter safe to buy from?
    bespokebicycle's avatar
  18. mark.ridsdale's avatar
    Love Oris watches
  19. brad_nailer's avatar
    Bargain..nice piece.. add to the collection
  20. iGlad's avatar
    Looks just like my Breil watch
  21. ge52001's avatar
    So I understand that this watch only comes with this metal strap. Is there a different model for a watch with a rubber strap or I would need to buy separate strap from Oris (if they sell)? Any leather strap options for you watch or the are only 2 options?
  22. rambo_or_mark's avatar
    Must have really low demand or overpriced to reduce a luxury item that much! Wonder what it would fetch if you bought it, wore it once and then sold it as used… that’s what it’s actually worth. Probably less than £1k.
    TheCostOfLies's avatar
    "that’s what it’s actually worth"
  23. ge52001's avatar
    And just like that they are all gone. They had around 10 watches and it seems that someone bought last one couple of hours ago 😔
  24. yogzilla's avatar
    If you are talking about buying watches as investments then you are stupid.
    Much better investments to give you
    More return if that’s what you are after. You should be looking at quality and enjoyment purposes, not how much it will
    Make you in the future. The same as most cars - they lose money the moment you drive away in it unless they are exclusive or vintage.
    Does it matter? No. Because you still want and need it and it’s there to enjoy, not to make money out of
  25. mjj4's avatar
  26. Adstheman's avatar
  27. Bobbins's avatar
    Bobbins Author
    Back in stock.
    ge52001's avatar
    Nope it isn't. I guess it's a bug as there is no stock.
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