OSIM uSqueez Fit foot and calve massager @ Selfridges Oxford street RRP £350

OSIM uSqueez Fit foot and calve massager @ Selfridges Oxford street RRP £350

LocalFound 14th Jun 2013
Saw the deal and the product is discontinued online, product was usually £350 down to £245 in store and they only have low stock as its discontinued online on website.


Well-being begins at your legs and feet
Combined for triple effectiveness, the intense kneading, vibration and rolling reflexology massage actions coax aches and sores away from your weary calves, ankles and feet with the ideal intensities and massaging techniques.

Kneading Massage
Kneading discs firmly squeeze muscle groups for effective relief.
Vibration Massage
Vibration with different intensities promotes good circulation.

Rolling Reflexology Massage
Rolling Reflexology nodes stimulate vital pressure points on the soles of your feet.

Customised fit for effective relief

Adjustable kneading width ensures maximum massaging contact as it conforms to the unique shape and size of your legs, ensuring deep relief of accumulated aches and strains in the muscle layers of your calves, ankles and feet.

Centrally located 3-colour LED indicator panel provides a more informative and engaging massage experience.

Designed for personalised comfort and relief

Delivers a simultaneous massage to your calves, ankles and feet, tripling the pleasure for maximum effectiveness.

Full coverage kneading discs with adjustable width offer extra feel-good squeez to alleviate muscle aches and strain, providing instant relief to your tired legs.

3 specialised lifestyle massage programmes
Recharge - knead and hold massaging actions tenderise and soothe aches
Revitalise - progressive massaging sequence replenishes strength of muscles
Relax - continuous massaging action soothes and softens tense muscles

Lightweight for easy movement and versatile use
Enjoy endless possibilities of where you wish to be pampered with the uSqueez Fit. Simply lift and set it anywhere around your home all by yourself!

Can be used upright for seated massages or rolled back for use while lying down.

Centrally located program panel provides easy access to all massage controls.

Rejuvenates calves, ankles and feet Improves circulation to revitalize tired legs

Rubber wedge
Helps to balance the uSqueez Fit while you adapt a more comfortable and relaxing massage angle.

Simple control
Easily switch between functions from the centralised programme panel.

Easy maintenance
Removable and washable fabric for better hygiene.
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They only have offer in store

They only have offer in store

For £245 I might as well have my own masseuse
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