OSRAM nightbreaker UNLIMITED H7 Bulbs £13.25 @ upgrade bulbs / Amazon

OSRAM nightbreaker UNLIMITED H7 Bulbs £13.25 @ upgrade bulbs / Amazon

Found 6th Nov 2014
Great set of bulbs adds brightness and distance to your headlights... available in H1 H7 H4 fittings
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I've added a price and merchant to your title for you
Good bulbs but couldn't tell they were any brighter than the ones that came with the car.
Lasted about 12 months driving on all the time in a Volvo - not amazing really.
Thanks op, on the same pair for three years, ordering more for when they pop.
Good bulbs at this price. They are £17.99 on Eurocarparts.com and they are normally my default go to website for all things car related.
It was cheaper before - cool


It was cheaper before - … It was cheaper before - cool[img]http://charts.camelcamelcamel.com/uk/B00FQ8AT6Q/amazon.png?force=1&zero=0&w=725&h=440&desired=false&legend=1&ilt=1&tp=all&fo=0&lang=en[/img]

The ops deal is £13.25
It's expired then:
Price: £15.08 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Details
These are great bulbs! I've had the nightbreaker plus bulbs in my car for a couple of years and they make a huge difference, especially with the old reflector style lights

It's expired then: Price: £15.08 & FREE Delivery in the UK. Details

Still available, click the link on the right to order from upgrade bulbs.

Also available from the same seller in the double box instead of the blister pack for a little more, if your concerned about protection in transit.

A tip to improve the life is to always fit with gloves and be gentle with them when doing so.
They do produce better light (though not as noticeable as the "110% more light might suggest) but be aware that their life expectancy, as stated by Osram on the packaging, is only about half that of a normal bulb. My first one went after almost exactly one year. Considering I do a limited amount of night-time driving and don't have daylight-running lights, this is poor.
Both mine have gone after about 1 year and I only do 7k miles a year. Poor reliability.

Light wise they are good though, was able to notice better and whiter light with them fitted.

Have now gone for standard bulbs as they are much cheaper.
are there any bulbs that do the same job for a similar price out there?
Agree with majority - definitely impressive light output, but they only lasted me one winter (I drive a fair bit, but even so....).
Just changed my dip beam H7s to upgraded bulbs (not osrams) given how little room there was i reckon i'll be leaving the high beams well alone.
No wonder halfrauds charge for it
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