Our Dynamic Earth Opens Doors for Free in One Off Event
Our Dynamic Earth Opens Doors for Free in One Off Event

Our Dynamic Earth Opens Doors for Free in One Off Event

Edinburgh's "Our Dynamic Earth" visitor attraction is free this weekend (Sat/Sun) in a special event to celebrate Homecoming 2009 and its own 10th anniversary.
The attraction itself is a sort of science centre, that deals with the history of out planet and the facts surrounding it. If you haven't been before, my description isn't really doing it justice; it is well worth a visit. Normally costs a fortune for a small family!

Note all scheduled tours will be on a first come first served basis.


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Blurb from their site:

Celebrating International Year of Astronomy 2009, Our Dynamic Earth takes you on a journey through out planet’s past, present and future, with interactive exhibits and impressive technology. Beginning with the Big Bang, children and adults alike can witness the creation of the Earth, follow the planet through its evolution and even catch glimpses of its future.
From dry tundra to the bottom of the ocean, a journey through Our Dynamic Earth is exciting, fun and engaging. Whether coming face to face with an extinct dinosaur, feeling the sticky heat of a tropical rainforest or flying over glaciers in prehistoric Scotland, Our Dynamic Earth presents all aspects of the planet we live in. Population growth, concepts of time and the realities of climate change are just the tip of the iceberg – and we even have a real one of those too, sitting beneath the magical Aurora Borealis!

where is it?


where is it?

Our Dynamic Earth
Holyrood Road

Don't be lazy and do your own research!
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