Out of Africa - DVD £3.47 @ Selectcheaper

Out of Africa - DVD £3.47 @ Selectcheaper

Found 23rd Feb 2010
Out of Africa - DVD £3.47 @ Selectcheaper

Adapted from Isak Dinesen's novel, OUT OF AFRICA plaintively tells the story of two troubled adults who meet and fall in love in the African wilderness. Karen Blixen-Flecke (Meryl Streep) is a modern woman, caught in the shortcomings of a practical marriage. Finch Hatton (Robert Redford) is a gallant British hunter, lonely, but unable to commit. As they two meet and begin a torrid affair, they set out on an epic adventure in the badlands of Africa--an adventure that real-life Blixen-Flecke would later put to paper under the pen name of Dinesen. Sydney Pollack's opus is a full, visually compelling film. Its storyline evokes a plethora of emotions, ranging from fear and loathing to hope and the elation of love. Redford and Streep are electric as the two damaged infidels in love. A key American film, OUT OF AFRICA is not to be missed.

Special Features

Feature Commentary With Director Sydney Pollack, Production Notes, Cast And Filmmakers Biographies, Theatrical Trailer, Universal Web Links


or for £4.23 get Out of Africa + Constant Gardener (also select cheaper)

Maybe our friends North of the Border might like to purchase this to watch during the World Cup this summer.

Sorry guys - you gotta laugh :-)
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