Outback Omega 100 Charcoal  BBQ - £60 (reduced from £110) @ Tesco Direct (collect at store)

Outback Omega 100 Charcoal BBQ - £60 (reduced from £110) @ Tesco Direct (collect at store)

Found 30th Apr 2009Made hot 4th May 2009
+ Double clubcard points on all Tesco Direct orders, at the moment.

The Outback Omega 100 Charcoal BBQ features a porcelain coated hood and body with a wooden trolley. This BBQ has a heavy-duty chrome grill with a 1800cm² cooking area and has wheels for easier manoeuvrability. The Outback omega BBQ comes complete with a swing away warming rack, grill lifting handles and is tested to TUV standards.

Usually £110 at Tesco Direct. I did a quick search on Google, and the next cheapest I could find it was £85 + £3.95 delivery.


Hot sausage

burger me, that looks good!

great price,, thanks.

Thought this was a great offer (was just about to post it!) If you're in Bracknell (or close) there's a new Tesco direct and some £5 off vouchers being given out. I got the 100 this morning for half price. Happy days.

It's not just limited to the 100, all the Outback bbq's have £50 off.

I bought a couple of bbq two years ago from Tesco and i have to say they were the worst items i've ever bought. A pain the a$$ to assemble, poor quailty, and literally falling apart now. They're getting skipped in the next few weeks. Tread carefully with this one.

This is made by Outback...who are rather reputable for BBQ's

Blah - stone cold for me. It's a charcoal BBQ and £60 is a very rich price for that.

Build quality on this is excellent and IMO £60 is a good price for it.

Top notch barbie at a good price, gotta be charcoal for a proper bbq anyway, gas sucks! Hot!


if you prefer gas this is a good … if you prefer gas this is a good buyhttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/391295/laguna-2-burner-gas-bbq-with-side-b

Who wouldn't prefer gas. Solid fuel bbq's in the back garden are hopeless.

I'm not a big fan of Outback BBQs at all, but there isn't as much to go wrong with a charcoal one. I wouldn't buy their gas ones at all.

I don't like wood anywhere on a bbq, it gets yucky in no time from weathering, greasy food and charcoal.

Ordered myself one & got it delivered the next day, thanks Great Price!!!
Just need the weather now to light it!!:whistling:

out of stock now! shame as i would have had one for the price....

Good price and just in time for the summer... if we get one this year???

Bought this for about the same price in the sale at a local garden centre three years ago.

Build quality is fine but it is far from the best bbq to cook on, the upper grill moves with the lid and as a result things move around and sometimes fall off.

I have to use a bit of wood to prop the lid open at different positions to adjust cooking temperature.

The lower grill is fixed in position and cannot be adjusted up and down to alter cooking temperature.

It is good as a smoker/roaster with the lid shut.

Overall 5/10

May be ok on the south, but in the north we've not really had a summer for the past 3 years - and this year looks no better, more like winter today.
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