Outbound Alti-Compass Watch was £114.99, now only £19.99 on vodafonestore eBay

Outbound Alti-Compass Watch was £114.99, now only £19.99 on vodafonestore eBay

Found 27th Sep 2016
Seems like a very good deal, a possible misprice? I've been browsing around and can't find any reviews about the watch but it's currently £90.68 at Amazon.

Got to be worth a punt at that price.

Quick specs below -

Includes an in-built altimeter, barometer, compass, and watch

Water resistant 50 metres

Automatic 24-hour memory

Data Storage 100 Run/3,000 Lap

Connect to online community where you analyze, categorize and share data


PayPal not available and I don't have my card on me

Why is paypal not available? A) If I use a card I can't collect nectar points and B) I have less protection without paypal which is suspicious!

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Wow they're selling fast, only 8 available now!

Missed out because Paypal wasn't working. Fuming




Missed out because Paypal wasn't working. Fuming

​Also missed out because of the same. I know the feeling.

Just managed to get one before OOS. Cheers.

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Back in stock

It seems to be in stock. No PayPal though, just saved myself £19.99.

I've got one and the instruction are pretty poor. nice watch for £19.99. I was going to post this but never got round to it.

Update : More available here

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​Also missed out because of the same. I know the feeling.

There is now more available and Paypal is now working

No Heart beat monitor? Thought that was standard these days?



Update : More available hereHUKD

Thanks ordered and used paypal

Showing £ 99.00

Price just increased to £99.99 as I was about to buy one

No PayPal, no protection.

LMAO at the people who accidentally bought 5 for £99.99.


Someone bought 10 of them... you swines.

I missed out. Oh well.

70 sold in last hour. At what price ?

Just purchased 3 of these for £99 oO.

OOS , damn

Ordered but cancelled

Just received a cancellation email, offering a ridiculous alternative.

Let's neg Vodafone to oblivion.
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Just had confirmation to say dispatched with a tracking number.

Mines been dispatched too

I orderdd two (separate order) as I didn't think the first one went through as it took 30 mins just for it to appear on my ebay account.

however one of them has been despatched and I have a tracking number. The other one is still an active order but has not been despatched yet.

Good find OP - Was looking for a decent water proof watch.

I've had mine for a few days nice watch but shi*tty instructions. for 20 quid u can't go wrong.

One of mine came today. My other order still hasn't moved.

I have not got my refund yet
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