Outlander DVD - £6.99 delivered @ HMV
Outlander DVD - £6.99 delivered @ HMV

Outlander DVD - £6.99 delivered @ HMV

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Release date: 31-08-2009
Format: DVD
Number of Discs: 1

Everywhere else at least £9.98 at the moment.


Mildly entertaining however the beginning backstory is almost entirely pointless and no relevance to anything, apart from it makes the hero very angry... I was quite disappointed tbh.

loved this! steals loads from preadator tho

I like my B movies!


Quite entertaining (if cheesy) film, but surely heading for the £3 bargain shelf in a couple of months at most?
Best price at the mo so I've added heat, think I'll hold off a bit longer tho.

Excellent Bmovie. This is guaranteed to achieve cult status!

terrible movie, not worth the price

Doesnt this hole the record for the worst opening for a film ?

Budget: $47 million

"Outlander" had a wide release on January 23, 2009 at 81 theaters but proved a resounding commercial failure -- it grossed only $59,581 at the U.S. box office in its opening weekend and as of August, 2009 its had earned only $166,003 in the U.S. and $6,192,098 worldwide, against a reported budget of US$47 million[13]. The film has seen limited US distribution, appearing in theaters for one-week runs with no advertising.

ok only 81 cinemas but thats thats under $735 a cinema, isnt it about $14 to see a film in the US so thats about 52 people per cinema.

This flim was complete waste of time for me, did not like it at all.
low budget movie, stright to DVD

I liked the film

Watched this last night – really enjoyed it. Had no expectations, but thought it was better than most films I've seen in the cinema this year.

Voted hot.

SirHugo :thumbsup:

Also I wouldn't judge a film by its box office success – The Terminator and Bladerunner hardly set the box office alight did they? I'm not saying Outlander will achieve any success or cult status on DVD, but it's not a bad film in its own right.

Voted Hot for bringing much needed attention to the often overlooked Jim Caviezel!

I really liked it, not a perfect film but put it on time to time, just like pathfinder a guilty pleasure.
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