Outlast £4.00 Xbox One @ MicrosoftStore

Outlast £4.00 Xbox One @ MicrosoftStore

Found 24th Oct
I think this is good deal. Normal pre sale price is £15.99 so you are saving 75%

Good horror game with a lot of jump scares.

The Whistleblower add-on is £1.80 now instead of £7.19.

Strange they they are selling the bundle of Outlast and Whistleblower for £19.99.


This was free on games with gold just under a year ago. But I guess it’s a good price if you missed that

Fantastic game, heat added. I've completed outlast trinity and it has to be the BEST HORROR game series I have ever played. £4 is a BARGAIN price and even £1.80 is super cheap for the whistleblower (which is also fantastic!).
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