Outlast Trinity PS4 & Xbox One £24.85 @ Base.com

Outlast Trinity PS4 & Xbox One £24.85 @ Base.com

Found 17th Mar 2017
I know the previous price at 365games was good but the cheapskate in me decided to look for it cheaper and came across it for £24.85 at Base.com for both PS4 and Xbox One
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already have 1st two, outcast ps+, outcast dlc bought cheap.
will wait for 10 quid for outlast 2
Anyone know when a demo for outlast 2 is back? I know there was one a while back but they removed it.
The first one is excellent but pretty difficult seeing as how you can't fight back from attacks in any way.

I think this will be £15 by Christmas then I'll pick it up for the second game.

Excellent price if you haven't downloaded the first one and the Whistleblower DLC though.
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