Outnow.co.uk (MyMovieStream) - 2 Months Free DVD Rentals

Outnow.co.uk (MyMovieStream) - 2 Months Free DVD Rentals

Found 8th Sep 2008
Previously called MyMovieStream.

New - Outnow.co.uk DVD Rental

Enjoy DVDs the easy way with Outnow.co.uk, the great new DVD Rental-by-post service.

Choose online from over 60000 titles and we'll deliver your chosen Movies, TV Series and more to your home. When you're ready, post them back (prepaid) and we send more.

Visit outnow.co.uk/ON2MFT and start your 2 Month (60 day) Free Trial today!


Is this still working? Says offer ends 5th Sept on the site

i cant see where it says that

A word of warning, when it was mymoviestream, they would pre auth your card for the first monthly fee and that let it expire instead of cancelling the pre auth.

With some banks they let the claimant have up to 10 days to claim this amount which mymoviestream does not claim. Thus you have about £17 in limbo for 10 days :o...

Also under mymoviestream days, the staff were rude and basically the company looked like a small operation..

Thus voted cold and I would recommend most people to steer clear of this lot. Use lovefilms instead.

Ive gone for it thanks.

This just allowed me to sign up - I had no problem at all with the sun DVD trial (which was My Movie Stream).
OK Lovefilm trials may be better but I can't see any codes posted for them currently - and last time I tried they seemed to have sewn up the repeat 3 month trial loop-hole.


...Use lovefilms instead.

Can you point me to a current 2-3 month trial deal? Thanks.

AVOID - terrible company. Signed up for a month free trial with free DVD (click). Ended up paying for another month to be fair to them and somehow got forced to pay for a third month (would not refund).

Discs are mainly out of stock, ones that did come weren't always in good nick, some were scratched to buggary! Would not play properly.

After several emails about the free DVD I was ignored or told it was coming and at times they were rude too.

Shocking service, no wonder they had a rebrand.


They are a lot slower than lovefilm, don't have half the dvds lovefilm have and thier customer service is shocking but for a free trial who cares! Just cancel in pleanty of time.

Think this is the same as company as Sun Movie Club

No discs in stock at all.

Utter garbage steer well clear.

Got 1 film in 3 weeks and that didn't even play as the disc was a mess ! :x

Cold .. sorry

MyMovieStream are diabolical. Nothing ever arrives unless you have 50 unwanted catalogue titles in your list. Forget new releases, unless you are happy to wait six months for them by which time they are catalogue stock lol
MMS are useless, the two months trial isn't worth diddly squat.

If you bank with the A&L, MMS will pre auth your account

"u must have internet access and provide a valid means of payment card to redeem a Free Trial offer. No actual charges will be made if you cancel prior to the end of your Free Trial but, to protect Outnow against theft and fraud, your payment method will be validated to verify your identity. You chosen payment method may also be authorised for up to 3 months service and certain payment card companies or banks may temporarily reflect this authorisation against your available balance or your credit limit."

This "pre authorisation" is not cancelled by MMS but they just wait for it lapse on your bank account. So for an A&L account its around 10 days of your money being held up on your account. With their t&c's they also can take up to 3 months payment on this method thus leave you out of pocket by between £4.99 to £74.97 depending on they decide). Of course if your near your limit you will face charges by your bank...

Add in the firm's rudeness - it should be avoided.

I signed up under their previous name 'My movie stream' because of a deal posted on hot uk deals. I was supposed to get £12 quidco cashback and two free cinema tickets for signing up for a free months trial -never seen tickets to date. The trial wasn't good either - waited almost a week between dvds arriving!

They have my details now and have emailed me daily for a month now asking me to sign up again under their new name. Don't think I'll bother! Tried to ring them to ask where my cinema vouchers are but they don't answer the phone!! Great company!!

Like Loveilm, they too will learn that they can't treat the customer like garbage. Lovefilm seem to have learned that lesson. Blockbuster remains the far superior company to deal with. Amazon are not too bad either.
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