Outnumbered: Series 2 (2 Discs) DVD £9.95 @ play

Outnumbered: Series 2 (2 Discs) DVD £9.95 @ play

Found 20th Dec 2009Made hot 21st Dec 2009
someone might like this for their gran

This great BBC sitcom is back again for another series! Hugh Dennis (Mock The Week, My Hero), Claire Skinner (Sense And Sensibility, Life Begins) and Samantha Bond (Die Another Day) are back again.

Episode One:
The family attend a wedding. For the parents it soon turns into that all-too-familiar struggle to control your kids and, if possible, get through the wedding day without decking any relatives.
Episode Two:
Six-year-old Karen mourns the death of a mouse (killed in a trap by her mouse-murdering parents), eight-year-old Ben stands for election as class rep and older brother Jake triggers his Mum's she-tiger instincts by bringing a girl home for tea.
Episode Three:
Another celebration of parental incompetence as Pete and Sue attempt to ban TV and have an old-fashioned Sunday, with traditional parlour games like Pelmanism and Scissors-Paper-Velociraptor.
Episode Four:
Pete and Sue find themselves in every parent's ultimate nightmare - trapped in a foreign airport with three bored young children (and an increasingly bewildered Grandad).
Episode Five:
Mum and Dad try to organise a quiet meal out together. But first they have to escape the house!
Episode Six:
Six-year-old Karen is preoccupied with the exact whereabouts of Satan, and Ben falls foul of a hardline football referee.
Episode Seven:
The Brockman family have a very restless night. Will anyone get any sleep? And what on earth are those dreadful noises coming from next door? And why is there a policeman at their front door?


For their gran? lol:roll:this is perfect for anyone with a sense of humour and a love of quality TV - simply brilliant - :-D

Yep,Sos here, but this was one of the funniest things on Tv recently,and I don't think my gran would get all the jokes.
I am looking forward to the xmas special.
so,I guess that's hot from me.

Thanks for listing this... it alerted me to the fact there is a Christmas Special this year.

Again, I would like to add that my kids are not old enough to spawn their own offspring & I would rate this comedy highly... although being a parent (or appreciating the daily toils with such a responsibility) helps the enjoyment.

"Heat" added.

(Oddly the Series 1 & Series 2 set is more expensive than buying the individual DVDs at Play.com)



Brilliant show - even though I'm not a granny yet!!

to buy or not to buy hmmm

Best comedy on tv. You can stick yer Little Britains, Russell Brands and all that trendy bilge.

Darn. bought this at amazon last week for £12.78. sure it was the same at Play then.
Great series, good find.

Fantastic show.

When's the Christmas special on? Saw the advert for lots of stuff but didn't say when this was on. The little girl (think her character name is Karen) is just soooo funny!

Am I the only one who doesn't like that show??
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