Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast on PSP - £5.98 Delivered @ GAME

Outrun 2006: Coast 2 Coast on PSP - £5.98 Delivered @ GAME

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Currently £16.47 @ Amazon, so this seems like a good deal. It's my first posting after lurking for a while so be gentle!

Feel the wind in your hair and the pull of the V12 as you power your way along the highways and byways, a girl by your side and open country before you. With blistering graphics, remixes of the original sound tracks and gameplay that demands one more play, the beautiful journey is now coming to PSP and PS2 for the first time.
Encounter the best that OutRun has to offer across 30 glorious stages, including the original OutRun2 and OutRun2 SP arcade stages - from the sun-drenched sands of Palm Beach to the charms of Cape Way and Ancient Ruins, through to the wonders of the Milky Way and heights of Skyscraper stages. With online gameplay, PSP connectivity and an all-new license mode, which route will you take?

Coming to PS2 and PSP for the first time, alongside Xbox and PC versions.


Glorious stages, including the original OutRun2 and OutRun2 SP arcade stages * NET PLAY racing for up to six players, both head-to-head and co-op * New mission structure and platform-specific missions * PSP connectivity: unlock PSP-exclusive content and transfer it back to the PS2 and vice versa * Fully licensed and approved by Ferrari: players can choose from one of 12 different Ferrari models including the all-new F430 and Superamerica in standard, lightly and highly tuned forms.


Thanks good price - will start checking reviews now

ace game well worth it

so is this lika a gumball rally?

Kids today don't even know outrun?

What do they teach you in school!

scored 8/10 at ]gamespot. will order now. thanks for the deal.

It's a great little game for the PSP - Quite an early release but gets plenty out of the system

I already have it on Xbox, but at this price I'll now be able to play it in the palm of my hand whenever.

One of the best racing in games in recent years at a silly price. Heat added.

Voted hot - if it's no good I'm sure I can get £5 in trade in somewhere.


Kids today don't even know outrun?What do they teach you in school!

i know outrun , i was just wondering about this version, it says coast to coast so is it like the original gumball rally ~1970

Thanks ordered this looks decent enough:thumbsup:

Ordered Cheers

aye top spot, me avin sum of dat.

cheap as chips. I just dont get Outrun tho. I love my racing games, particularly PGR and Ridge Racer but just cant seem to get on with Outrun. Doesnt feel like much skill needed.

Bought this from Game in oXford Street and can Say they game actully cost £3.98!!! £2 cheaper than what the sticker said.

thanks so much ive bought this for my Oh to put away for xmas he loves outrun thanks again

-heat and rep added x x x

Out of stock nows, game over
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