Outside light Grazing Moving Reindeer only £39.99 ' Argos  - was £79.99

Outside light Grazing Moving Reindeer only £39.99 ' Argos - was £79.99

Found 18th Dec 2012
Thought this was a good deal as they all seem to be very expensive else where.

Really adds some Christmas sparkle to the outside of your house.


INB4 im fed up of flamedeer posts.

In Argos by the way, so many stores have sold out of their christmas stock. I have hunted everywhere for a reindeer for outside, bonus this one moves. I was hoping to pick up one cheaper but I really think that they may sell out at this price.

Nice bit of photoshoppery there...

Thanks for not putting flame deer in the title

in stock near me!

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I've got one reserved

great deal

Decent deal,thanks.

Moving too? The dog would have a wild old time humping that thing...

Just a quick note - last year home base had these reduced from 79.99 to 39.99 to £10 so bought 3 for £30, so if your store has loads might be worth waiting another few days.

???? X

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ohhhh thanks for heads up!

thank you

Family Bargains have a moving reindeer with white lights for £24.99 in my local store (Gillingham). Not sure of size. Hope it helps someone.

No flame deer....:(

they get kicked over by drunks on the way home from the pub for free as well!

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don't leave it in their way! lol

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