Outwell Bear Lake 6 Polycotton Tent £874.87 instore @ Go Outdoors

Outwell Bear Lake 6 Polycotton Tent £874.87 instore @ Go Outdoors

Found 18th Aug 2013
Now I know its still a lot of money to pay for a tent, but this is still a really good price for this Outwell polycotton tent if you are in the market for it or similar. My brother paid over a grand so this is a bargain if you absolutely have to have polycotton / Outwell.
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why would you absolutely have to have it?

why would you absolutely have to have it?

Polycotton apparently keeps warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer vs. normal polyester, and some people think its worth the price difference. Personally I'm fine with my £250 Gelert polyester job but then I only go once a year. But this is still £300 cheaper than everywhere else currently hence posting it up on HUKD...
Great price for a great tent.
Govt should start giving this instead of council flat if the description of Polycotton is true as per above.
We were happy with our Outwell until we broke the zip on the bedroom. It was our fault but looking at feedback from others, Outwell customer service isn't great so little chance of paying for a replacement, it seems spare parts other than poles are not available.
I also think £875 is a little over the top for a tent, albeit a good price for this model. Polycotton may be cooler in summer but I've heard the weight more than doubles when wet, as I don't have experience with polycotton tents maybe others can educate me.
Travelodge for me
voted hot, these are superb tents if you can stomach the price. they do stay cooler when its hot and warmer when its cold. they are also rock solid and don't flap around even in high winds.

the only real downside for me us that when they are packed away you have two huge and heavy bags to deal with
Got one of these. Amazing tent but very heavy due to the materials used. It's can take some serious weather. It comes in two large bags with a zip out groundsheet. Easy to put up in about 40 mins. Hot if you are into camping.
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