Outwell ECOcool 24 ltr Coolbox, 12v dc 230v ac _ Please read description below to find out how to get the deal £53.99 @ Go Outdoors

Outwell ECOcool 24 ltr Coolbox, 12v dc 230v ac _ Please read description below to find out how to get the deal £53.99 @ Go Outdoors

LocalFound 8th Aug 2014
This is my first ever deal so please bare with me! This may not be of interest to you but it certainly will to some people.

I was going to order the Outwell ECOcool coolbox at £59.99 at World of Camping via their website as it was the cheapest I could find it. But then I noticed the GoOutdoors price guarantee where they offer to beat any price by 10%


So I printed off the word of camping URL


and took it to GoOutdoors and indeed they did give it to me for £53.99 which is by far the cheapest price that I could hope to get elsewhere

Here's some details on the Coolbox

The EEI classified Eco cooler is packed with the latest technology used in saving energy.

Designed for the European ECO legislation the ECOcool coolbox keep contents approx 20 degrees below the outside temperature and is indispensable for picnics and camping trips. Comes with both mains and 12v leads.

EEI Classified ECO cooler
Latest technology used in saving energy
PU Insulated for best performance
Designed for the European ECO Legislation < 125
Hidden and protected cable entry
Fold flat handle
Cooling and heating function
Cool 18 - 25° C below outside temperature Warm 50-60C
Can be used for both 12 v and 230 v (UK mains plug connection)
Inside icepack divider Optimal ventilation performance
Energy saving
Variable handle position
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There are cheaper equivalents out there...but if you insist on having this particular one, then it is a great price, compared to other stores.

Hot from me for this reason only.
Aldi do an A++ rated one for £30 or was it £40.

The A++ Aldi one for £40 has a 7 watt travel mode. I think this is 30 watts.
the aldi one is £39.99 and has a variable thermostat. miles better.

the aldi one is £39.99 and has a variable thermostat. miles better.

has a 29ltr capacity as well.

has a 29ltr capacity as well.

made by waeco which when branded under there name retail at £79
I need one for weekend after next. Seems the Aldi one was available earlier in the summer
I agree and appreciate your feedback but not the negative heat. I did go to ALDI but there wasn't any there. My preference would probably have been the ALDI model as it does have a 3 year warranty and the extra capacity but they only do it a couple of times a year and I needed it that week.
Outwell are a well respected brand and it does come with both 12v DC and 230v AC cables. With most others you have to purchase the AC adaptor separately so I opted for this one. It performed brilliantly last weekend, everything was ice cold. I left it on in the boot on the ECO setting, the car started first time Sunday afternoon without a problem.
I'm at a loss as to why this has gone negative? For this model the price is probably the cheapest out there, we could go on all day about other models and their prices but would you do this if someone had put an offer on here about a fiesta? (i.e. The corsa is £2000 cheaper and has a bigger boot.) No you wouldn't or shouldn't. If someone has given a price on a saleable item that is the cheapest out there then that should receive positive heat? Everyone has a right to an opinion and a preference as to what make or model they'd rather, by all means comment and give your opinion on other models but leave the heat alone.
If the same item is cheaper elsewhere then by all means give it negative heat.
This was my first post on here and judging by the negative heat it will be my last, if someone was looking at the outwell model and I hadn't put this on here then they'd have paid a higher price, surely then this post has to be a positive.
Small minded people could ruin this site for everyone else.
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