Oval R700 Road Handlebars £26 @ Wiggle

Oval R700 Road Handlebars £26 @ Wiggle

Found 18th Jul 2010
Top Features of the Oval R700 Road Handlebars

Butted CAR aluminium for durability and lightweight for each performance category
50mm radius radius bends on drops make brake levers and ergo position more comfortable
The 50mm radius's provide more space for hands & more comfort while riding
Optimised ergo bump reduces fatigue and increases control
Deep, single groove for single or double cable routing
Bead blast alloy compacts, homogenizes surface for added strength
144mm drop for 26.0mm
135mm drop for 31.8mm
23.8mm grip diameter
77mm reach

Road cyclists around the world understand that the most critical requirement for optimum performance is proper positioning on the bike. Handlebars are one of the three contact points between you and your bike, a new set can make a major difference to your riding.

Proper positioning allows you to optimise your comfort, power and aero dynamics. The handlebar, stem and seat post are the key tools for properly positioning the rider on the bike. Many companies compromise your ability to properly positioned. By limiting the lengths and angles of stems, widths and drops of bars and proper setback and height adjustment on the seat post. Oval Concepts will not compromise in these areas.

About Handlebars - Road

Road bars are curved to offer a multitude of positions to suit the terrain. When climbing in the saddle you will often ride on the tops which are the part of the bar either side of the stems clamping point. When out of the saddle on climbs or accelerating you will often ride on the lever hoods mounted at the front of the bars curved section. For higher speeds you will find yourself on the drops, which offer a lower more aerodynamic position. Road bars come in a variety of widths, from 36cm wide up to 44cm, a good guide for bar width is your shoulder width, a bar should not be narrower than your shoulders as this can close up your chest, but they should not be so wide that you are creating a large frontal area. Road handlebars come in two clamp sizes, 31.8mm which is oversized and 26/25.8mm which is standard, it is essential that you get the correct clamp size for your stem as a poor fit will slip round. Road bars also come in different shapes and depths, with various bends for ergonomic reasons, some will also feature grooves in the material for your brake and gear cables to slot into, this helps to keep the bar round once tape is applied. Then there is the all-in-one bar and stem systems from brands such as Cinelli's Ram 2 and the Pro Stealth which offer clean lines and look great with their exposed carbon finish.

About the Oval brand

You can’t beat the Swiss for efficiency and precision. In their relentless quest for perfection, the Swiss have embraced new materials and technologies like titanium cases and quartz movements, but only where appropriate. Rolex does not switch to carbon fibre production if it doesn’t make sense. These are the qualities Oval Concepts brings to the market, from their headquarters in the Swiss Alps.

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