Oven shelf guard  by Toastbags for 99p in Home Bargains Belle Vale.

Oven shelf guard by Toastbags for 99p in Home Bargains Belle Vale.

LocalFound 9th Jul 2017
Its a silicone sleeve to put over the front of the racks to protect arms and sleeves when reaching in the oven.
Washable in warm soapy water and withstands temps up to 260C / 500F gas mark 10.
Cheapest seen is on Ebay for £2 up.
Thought for 99p and for people who use there oven a lot worth it for peace of mind,and was easy to fit
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Original Poster
Here it is fitted in oven.
I bought these from Home Bargains a few weeks ago as I was constantly burning my arms on the oven rails. Well worth 99p
only problem was sliding the food tray out
morrig3 h, 22 m ago

Here it is fitted in oven. [Image]

Cheers morrig, will get some tomorrow from Belle Vale.
I'm no where near Home Bargains, but sounds like a plan.
Original Poster
Seen and thought for the price worth it and as it didn't have the usual rrp of far more than the listed price as usual in H B ,found out it was a good price when checked .
Should imagine in other stores as H B usually buys a job lot and spreads them to the stores?
morrig9th Jul

Here it is fitted in oven. [Image]

Eeeeeeeeee what nasty chemical type smell, it's put me right off me dinner! What sort if chemicals are we contaminating our food with using this? Anyone else having the same horrible smell? Only used for first time but if we get it again will be going back for refund!!!!
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