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Posted 26 September 2022

Over 1 Million rooms for £34 Or Less @ Travelodge

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Over 1 million rooms for £34 or LESS
We've released over 1 million rooms for £34 or LESS*, book in advance for the best rates.

Rooms for £32 or less reflects the lowest saver room rates available (approx. 1,096,425 rooms for £32 or less for stays between the 20th September 2022 and 6th August 2023, as of 20/09/2022) for stays booked on our website (excludes hotels in Northern Ireland, Ireland & Spain) Travelodge’s standard booking terms and conditions apply, these can be viewed at travelodge.co.uk/abo…ons

Room type: Double roomSun 2nd Oct 22 £32.99

Room type: Double roomSun 2nd Oct 22 £31.99

Leeds Central hotel
Room type: Double roomSun 30th Oct 22 £31.99
Travelodge More details at Travelodge
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    Try using best price finder app pricefinder.travelodge.co.uk/

    Eg I put in Bristol to the Best Price app and it finds loads at £30-£35, admittedly Sundays & Mondays - but what do you expect? (edited)
    Cheers really helpfull.
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    Worth pointing out that for those with dogs, they are allowed in Travelodge hotels, which contrasts with other big chain hotels.

    The cleaning fee for having a dog is £20 regardless of how many nights you stay.
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    Extra 5% off with this code TUM35TIY
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    Oh the memories of the £9 a night…..😩
    Great days indeed.
    When they opened the Travelodge at Wadebridge,Cornwall,there was a glitch where you could book the WHOLE YEAR for £9 a night!
    They honoured all bookings too,from what I know.
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    id rather pay the extra for premier inn!
    And you probably don’t have to. I looked at Swansea in half term and Premier Inn is a third of the price!
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    Everyone i seem to look at says FROM £30, then when i click on it the cheapest price is £44.99?
    Same here.
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    They’re hit an miss. Some are fantastic others no better than a local hostel… the brand is very inconsistent. At least you get a bit more consistency with a Premier Inn. 
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    No matter how many times I look at Travel Lodge site I can never get the price advertised in their latest promotion.
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    Just one room must cost pennies
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    Not sure what I’ll do with a million rooms but that’s an excellent price
    Sell them on Ebay?
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    I used TL a lot for work and their price are good when you book weeks ahead. Location is often convenient too.
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    Has Travelodge changed the pricing on family rooms? They used to be the same price as doubles and were generally a double room with a camp bed thrown in. Was a great price for families with one child. But now all the family rooms for three people seem to be priced £20 more expensive than the cheapest on offer.
    yes possibly, noticed this the other day that there was quite a difference now in family room prices and as you mentioned pretty sure these used to be the same price or very similar to if you had two people.
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    Premier Inn ftw
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    This annoys me.. I get these emails every other week it seems. It's part of their ongoing promotion they just release a new batch and boom another email goes out. 90% of these room rates will only be available on a Sunday night when nobody wants them but, if Sunday nights is your thing then lucky you! Their sales used to be decent, but not anymore..
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    There's a reason they're cheap. Last two times I've stayed at a Travelodge, I've had the worst nights sleep.

    The one in Alfreton, outside the Peaks, you can hear every single footstep from the people above you, every door slam shakes the room.

    Same issue at the one just outside Warwick.

    I keep forgetting to never go to Travelodge again
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    Managed to get a few nights booked for £28 per night in Workington which is very handy for the Lake District
    What dates?
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    All my local ones are £350+ for three nights.
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    Travelodge don’t have toilet brushes in the bathroom. Its an ongoing source of amusement for my girlfriend, but I buy a £1.50 one from Wilkos the last two times I stayed at a TL
    Anybody would wonder if you think you are the only person on the planet who poops? And then be ashamed about being the person who poops?
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    Was charged £188 for a double room was about 12fr by 12ft, and they had the cheek to charge me £3 for WiFi if I wanted to used for longer than 30 mins!!!! (edited)
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    Thanks I will check ✔
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    Are there any 5% discount codes going round please?
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    Impossible to get a room at Skegness, any time of year
    Every cloud n`all that.
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    It's just to draw people into their website. Their dates are all over the place. Their home page says... Over 1 million rooms for £34 or LESS for *Selected stays to 30th July 2023' i.e., including spring/early summer. Then their T&Cs say 'for stays between the 27th September 2022 and 28th February 2023' i.e., the autumn/winter months only. It's just a way to get people to trawl through their website with the hope that some may book a room at any price.
    Would you like to clarify your point, ie is it a good thing or a bad thing that TL have released 1 million rooms at £35 or under? Or you perhaps think they're being less than honest? Or you don't like their marketing? I don't think the discrepancy between the dates you mention in the T&Cs actually matters - there are plenty of under £35 nights right into 30th July, probably just somebody forgot to amend a previous deal T&Cs they copied over.

    Of course they want people to have a look and see if they can find a cheap room in a place they like on a date they want. That's the point - and nothing dishonest about that. We all know that's going to be Sundays/ Mondays for popular places/ or slightly unpopular places, unpopular times other days of the week. They have to sell their rooms and you'll get a great price in one of the above scenarios, probably, @ under £35. You won't get Central London Tuesday-Saturday unless your luck is really in.

    Personally I think you could quite easily get a great 3 or 2 day weekend in either Friday-Sunday or Saturday-Sunday, on the cheap, paying more for the other day/s than Sunday night, but it would even up to be a very fair price.
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    Sunday night is the cheap night as no-one wants it. If you can do that night it's pretty good as it's quiet.
    I paid £72 to go to a wedding in a TL in Kent - that was a rip off, but hey-ho my choice.
    Premier Inn are better, but they are nearly always much more expensive.
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    all london zones 1 are over £300 for 2 nights mon-fri for the dates i want in june… never paid more than that between travelodge and premier inn not sure why it’s so expensive 😩😩😩 (edited)
    Likely for the king's coronation being most probably around that time
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    Travel hovel . Rather stay at premier inn or better . Stayed in couple of travelodge for work few years ago as company was stingy. One was newly updated but don’t use the carpark as kids were jumping up and down on the cars, another was clearly a lie class fleabag stag hen Doss house. The carpet in my cage with free stains. I managed to get crown plaza 4 star for less and it included a decent breakfast that was £18 a night alone
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    I stayed in one recently, last minute decision and the cheapest hotel by far - Alternatives where £200, TL was £35. It was a one star from me, fusty smell like people has been smoking a while ago, noisy pipework that resonated like an alarm, bit dirty and bed not comfy. You pay for what you get. Generally I'll go for Premier Inn, Holiday Inn, but if I have to stay in a TravelSplodge, I'll only go for a newly built one.
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    The cheapest bookings are for 1 person in a single room