over 90% off shower cubicles at focusdiy
over 90% off shower cubicles at focusdiy

over 90% off shower cubicles at focusdiy

as i work for focus i get to now the offers coming soon, but this offer has already started, as of 10/06/07 a selection of shower cubicles and doors have been reduced down to 60% off, but have now been reduced even more.
examples are a quadrant shower cubicle that WAS £299 has now been reduced to just £20 and is also available in a white, gold and silver finish.
and if you have a elderly member of the family with a discount card , you can also get discount of that price as well


A shower cubicle reduced from £299 to ONLY £20.00???? :? :? Are you sure, that's a hell of a reduction.
Have you got a leaflet or something?

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like i say i work there, and was around the manager when she was putting the stickers on them, its not in any leaflets as they are just getting rid of them as soon as possible, like i said they were 60% off.

i got myself a contempory frosted side panel and pivot door for £10 and £15 repectivley, but with my 20% discount it came to £20 for both


Is it a Nationwide reduction or just in Cheshire? :? :?

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im unsure, and not in work until friday, so if anyone checks before, if not i will let you know friday night, will also get some photos if theres still any cubicles left


Think the offers for the cubicles may be for Cheshire stores only but then again bathrooms do show up to be 50% off online. Will call a store tomo and post a note to say if it's a nationwide reduction or not.

Focus often have good bargains to be had, we got 2 black and chrome gas lift stools on buy one get one free last so £50 for the 2!!!!

I will keep an eye on Focus as i am after a shower unit so thanks OP.

this isn't online, so not sure why the web link is there.... Anyone able to verify whether this deal is actually valid anywhere outside a single store in Cheshire ??

Whereabouts in Cheshire is your store? :-D

Sorry for the late post - was online last night till 4.30 on hukd! N just woke up! - Newayz it turns out that the reduction is nationwide however only selective stores will have the old stock to sell, & they are only selling the old stock at a low price! But if you pop down to them stores there will defo be some bargains! Advice to call and ask if your store of interest has got some or not. Hope this helps someone - I live in rented house anyway! Was just helping out!:thumbsup:


Whereabouts in Cheshire is your store? :-D

There are LOTS of them! I tried finding that particular store too but turns out W is covered by these! No wonder he works there! :giggle: My nearest is 11 miles off!

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my local store is macclesfield

some pics
if you zoom in and look at the top right corner you can see the reduced price

this is what i bought

the ones i bought


and the base is extra, incase you were wondering.

Just popped in at Focus in Thetford during lunchtime. A lot of signs are up for 50% discount on bathroom suites, but no discounts on shower cubicles alone :-(

thanks for this great offer i popped into my local tiny FOCUS in wednesfield WOLVERHAMPTON and picked up theframed uadrant for #19.99 - a huge #280.00 saved
there was a couple of the frosted square ones left tonight at 7.30 pm
thanks again

checked again this morning and they are still there

Any shower screens , NOT enclosures ?

I work for them and it is only enclosures at the moment

What3v3r - you are a star!
I went to focus on Thursday night for a shower. Saw the white quadrant cubicle @ £91.60 or the silver for £119.60. Bought the white as it looked a good deal.
When I got home I saw your post and was gutted!
Went back this morning and explained, as they still had 3 silver left. A really nice lady called another store who confirmed the price drop and they gave me a silver one for £19.99!
My wife prefers the silver and is over the moon, so now I can return the other white one.
Thanks so much for your heads up - without it we would never have known and been happy paying the higher price.

Hi what3v3r,
I've just noticed ]THIS and wanted to past on my best wishes - hope everything works out ok for you. :thumbsup:

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just to bump this and say there are still some white and silver enclosures in our store
at £10 for the side panel and £15 for the door

and they still have them in the st albans store
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