Over The Hedge on Nintendo DS £2.99! from play.com

Over The Hedge on Nintendo DS £2.99! from play.com

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Over the Hedge on Nintendo DS for 2.99


Ok reviews but HOT for the price

thanks for posting - another christmas extra bought


Excellent price, thanks Rossey21

I've added an image to your post, for help on how to do this check out the links in my signature. Thanks

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thanks millarcat - will check it out

Good price, if you dont like it you can always go CEX and get your cash back with £3 pound cash exchange.

Thanks, again another chrimbo stash away.

Never too early to start.:thumbsup:


We;ve got this - it's pretty pants actually, but okay for younger children.

Thanks. Just bought a DS for my train to work, don't want anything overly complicated as I don't have time to get into it so something like this will keep me entertained for a little while, for £2.99 it's worth it.

great stuff cant go wrong at this price if kids dont like it i will sell at next car boot should get £5 judging by my last lot of game selling.

Thank you 2 xmas prezzies sorted. Voted hot!

5.4 out of ten at gamespot but critics average on that site is 7.3 and users give it 7.0 so can't be too bad!

Cracking price.

nice holiday game for the mrs, hot hot hot

Expired, now £5 - still not bad, but not the original deal

they also have shrek 3 and some redbull game for 2.99

Ordered one yesterday...at this price you can't go wrong. Thanks!!!!
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