Overlord Xbox 360 - £14.99
Overlord Xbox 360 - £14.99

Overlord Xbox 360 - £14.99

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Cheapest online at the moment.

This is a really good game, I really enjoyed it. Different from anything else you'll play. Got some good humour in it and the online modes aren't too bad either.

Also available at Game.co.uk for the same price (http://www.game.co.uk/Xbox360/Action/Adventure/~r330892/Overlord/)


not a bad game - read up on game glitches before playing though as I got stuck half way through because of a game glitch in the Dwarven Brewery and had to start again from the beginning!!!

I quite liked the demo of this

Very good game and at a decent price


Missed this deal, was down looking for the game and spotted it sitting on a shelf just as I was leaving - been playing ti for a good few hours and really enjoying it, the demo doesn't give you a taste of the different minion types which makes the game particularly interesting. The 'brown' minions are general combat minions which you start with, the red minions have a ranged attack but are weak close range and green minions can jump on the back of enemies to attack them. (not sure what blue ones can do yet!) This means if you throw all your minions at the enemy as you do at the start of the game they can get killed quickly...instead you have to use the game's rather well crafted controls to send your brown minions forward while firing on them with your red minions and then bringing your green minions round the back and then on top of your enemy.


will download the demo - looks amusing, love the gremlin!

One of the best games on the 360 IMO

Fantastic game but as mentioned before be careful of glitches

"For the MASTER!"/urinates on peasants

11% Quidco from Game (Value before VAT & Delivery)
11% Quidco from Gameplay


Yeah it was a brilliant game, got this when it first came out. There are indeed a couple of major bugs though. Decent amount of game for £14.99

Oh, fyi, the blue minions can travel through water and resurrect dead minions but they're the weakest of the bunch.

Ordered from Game. Great price!

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It seems to have disappeared from Gameplay but its still available from Game.

w00t, my first HOT deal lol

Great game, script written by the daughter of uber author terry Pratchett i believe.

One for the solo gamer i think, multilayer isnt much snuff.

Also to bare in mind, soon to be a DLC expansion on market place, so even more potential gameage.


brilliant link. kids have the deal in the post !
This site is ace thank you.
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Think i saw this in gamestation the other day for £7.99 also was stuntman.

great great game, and many of the glitches were fixed i believe with a patch (maybe not all)

did try online once but couldnt get a game, even so, one of the best 360 1 player games today.


It was also written by Terry pratchetts daughter.

Great game, anyone know where i can get a cover, and replacement box for this game?

( I bought it from Ebay last year when it came out)

If you like this, then check out Pikmin (on the gamecube - about £8 in gamestation, usually), its very similar.
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