Overwatch Game of the year edition. GOTY. £20 Asda instore (Bolton)

Overwatch Game of the year edition. GOTY. £20 Asda instore (Bolton)

LocalFound 15th Dec 2017
Found in Burnden Park Asda in Bolton. Overwatch GOTY for £20. Cheapest I've seen it.
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Tried to play this so many times but just can not get into it at all. But each to there own and it must have something about it for it to sell like it has done.
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That's expensive for ASDA.
£20 is a bargain, heat added. It's not perfect, but it's the closest I've seen anyone come in a long time. And it's only getting better. If you can play the PC version instead, do that, but if not then this a superb choice.

Overwatch is some of the best value gameplay I've purchased, having picked it up on PC (PCMR) at launch. The Overwatch dev team (headed by Jeff Kaplan) have been relentlessly adding new content.

None of this paid DLC bullcrap, no pay-to-win. You have the game, then it's yours.

New characters, new maps, new gameplay modes. Server browser (on the PC at least, dunno about console). Special events added regularly. Excellent esports league on PC, and presumably some sort of ranked play on console.

Interesting, fun, gorgeous and cool roster of characters which have been tweaked, overhauled and expanded over time.

Sniper healer from Egypt, Latin-American stealth hacker, African energy shield and machinegun defense bot, amoral Irish evil scientist with healing and offensive capabilities, all added since launch. For free.

Even the short cinematics Blizzard have released are top notch. (The "Alive" one kicked me in the chest like a Pixar movie.) The comics are supposed to be really good, the ones I've read sure were. They're building out and filling in the Overwatch universe and it's AWESOME.

The loot crate reward system is cosmetic and has no real-world swapping or selling. Nothing like the CS:GO weapons fiasco. You can buy extra loot crates for cosmetics like voice lines and skins, but you win them regularly anyway. It's your skills and teamwork that determine how you do, not how much money you spend.

#WeAreAllOneWithinTheIris #JeffKaplanForPresident
It's not in stock when you take it to the counter.

I've been asking almost every day and they said they don't know when they're getting it in as they don't know whats in the delieveries they get each night
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