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OVH - 50% of on Dedicated servers
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
Found that offer - They provide 50% on Dedicated Servers till 26th of April.
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Crikey they are good prices, i pay more than that for virtual servers. Think its time to change


Not recurring avoid


You can get a better deal from ovh themselves under their kimsufi or soyoustart brands, slightly older servers for a lot cheaper


I think you can find a better bargain at the Hetzner auctions to be honest.

OVH - 50% Off VPS e.g VPS SSD APAC 1 1 vCore(s) - 3.5 GHz - 1 GB RAM  30 GB SSD - 1 TB Traffic £1.84
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Got a server from these guys already, but looks like they've launched in a couple of new regions so are offering 50% off their VPS range. Useful for cheap web / email hosting or i… Read more

OVH released 50% off on dedicated servers, vps, web hosting and domains till 26th of April! Check out:


You can get 2GB ram, 1vcore, 20GB NVMe SSD (Or Ceph if you prefer) for 3 euro on hetzner. 20TB traffic although I think that's per account not per VM.


If you want to go for cheap and nasty, you can find servers for maybe $9 annually on lowendbox, but expect openvz hosting which means kernel 2.6 and probable overselling


Only for the APAC region.

OVH Black Friday / Web Hosting / VPS / Dedicated Servers
Found 24th Nov 2017Found 24th Nov 2017
The offers are now running until 11pm tonight. No domain offer anymore but there are deals on SSD VPS with 50% off (from £1.75 p/m), Game servers (£51.09 p/m), Web Hosting (from £… Read more

VPS -> VPN guys, do it! only £25.13 per year with ur own privacy (ninja) edit: choose SSD VPS 1, if you're techie enough, you could host a light web + openvpn at the same time!


Was waiting for an OVH offer, Thanks for posting :)

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Free .ovh domains - Up to a max of 5 at OVH
Found 2nd Oct 2014Found 2nd Oct 2014
Free .ovh domains get max of 5
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so we are going into 'my dad is bigger than yours' and 'did you spill my drink ?' now then. danielmeah72 clearly believes he is brighter and more experienced than everyone else on here. he doesn't know if he is as he doesn't know the background of everyone else on here. the point is that everyone will make their own choice and have their own opinions on what is best. suggesting that those that don't agree with you are either stupid or unknowledgable says a lot about yourself. :)


" have a host in France which costs me £10 a month " Let me guess Dedibox sc gen 2 this is only single core.. (ovh offer one many times better for £5 per month) personally i have had that OVH Intel Atom for over a year


Odd considering i have been doing web work for years now. I know all about domains, dns, etc etc etc. OVH are a rip off now. I have a host in France which costs me £10 a month for un metered everything. And i get 500gb space to work with. More than enough space for most i would say. Oh. And it's a totally dedi box so no sharing. Now tell us all that OVH are offering tremendous prices. They are not. Avoid OVH at all costs. They took three/four months to honour peoples cheap boxes when they were selling them.


I would recommend developing a new website on your own machine first. you don't need it to be hosted (made available online) until it is ready for general use. That is free for as long as you like and then get a domain and host once it is ready for the big bad world. you can write HTML and develop an SQL database on your own machine. I think that best HTML editor is arachnophilia download free on Download MySQL which is free for a database. Scripting can be done using PHP and downloaded free here


i bet half the people who voted "cold" don't even know what a domain name is, clueless people.

OVH VPS Only £2!
Found 22nd Mar 2014Found 22nd Mar 2014
VPS Server 1GB RAM, 10GB Disk space only £2 what a bargain. i bought myself 3 for each location. u also get 10TB bw
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Joomla and LAMP probably run on Debian,


What are Joomla and lamp distributions actually built on? Why is cpanel an either/or? I want a server OS and ability to add free software (eg all the above). I guess they have streamlined their builds for 10gb, but without more information it would be hard to test stuff offline before uploading. OTOH, wouldn't the OS be a shared,read only partition and so not part of your 10GB, ie choose big here?


Good point about openvz - It was the higher storage ones I was looking at though. Thanks


its openvz so no. and windows would not work very well with 10GB of storage


Can you run Windows on these ?

OVH Cloud Storage - 25GB Free - 100GB €1/mo - 10TB €10/mo
Found 21st Mar 2014Found 21st Mar 2014
New Services from OVH - Cloud Storage Offers a service that rivals Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive etc...etc... Desktop application available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Mobile a… Read more

Yeah very annoying, would like an option to stream it really like amazon cloud. [quote=presterjohn71]I'm probably being a half wit here but I signed up for this on my pc and downloaded the app on my Note 2 phone. I have uploaded a film as an experiment and have just gone to the phone to watch it and the only option it gives me is to download it to the phone not to actually watch it. I thought the idea was you could view things like video, music and photo


Just pray that you don't have a problem. There is no email or phone support, you have to go through the forums (fora?) and although you can see the staff have been online they don't reply. I've been trying to sort a billing issue for a week now, and I'm VERY close to pulling the plug on them. It's a pity because it's a brilliant price… I suppose the old adage applies.


I'm probably being a half wit here but I signed up for this on my pc and downloaded the app on my Note 2 phone. I have uploaded a film as an experiment and have just gone to the phone to watch it and the only option it gives me is to download it to the phone not to actually watch it. I thought the idea was you could view things like video, music and photos not just file them?


Thanks, I signed up. This is a good deal, without doubt… just be aware that there is no email or phone support from OVH for the hubic service, which is really annoying if something goes wrong. You have to communicate via the forum pages. They haven't responded to my issue even though they're showing as online. Grrrr etc.


Yes, this is exactly how I have set it up, you can specifiy a location (So as long as you can access the location either via NFS or something similar then it works fine. The only thing is you need to have the client running for it to be syncing, but it works very well as then you are synced / backed up to your home NAS system & also the cloud (Hubic)

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Free .eu Domains @ OVH
Found 12th Feb 2014Found 12th Feb 2014
Free eu domains at ovh Exp 28 Feb --- Update -- it would appear some people lack the ability to read and understand very basics. This is for doma… Read more
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so I don't think this is available any more. I guess they got overwhelmed by demand and stopped it early...


Oh yes, both silly and childish I'll admit.


You have a right to choose. but if you doing it out of spite its abit silly no? seems very childish


Me to.


Am far from angry, i couldnt care less how you vote.

[OVH] Kimsufi dedicated server with 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, unlimited BW from £2.99 a month (min 3 months purchase)
Found 26th Jul 2013Found 26th Jul 2013
Not sure if this is a promo, but it's an absolute steal at this price. Minimum purchase length is 3 months so you'll be paying just under £9, making it £2.99 per month. Specs: In… Read more





any people with ideas? Ive had a hard drive fail on me and had that replaced and a fresh install of ubuntu but transmission still keeps closing...


hows good that xmas eve and a hard drive failure!!!!! work up to fine a email about a engineer will sent asap to fix it then had another email and its all done!


System installation has failed. For information, this is the error message : Internal server error You may restart the installation process, Click 'Restart installation' button. i keep getting that when trying to reinstall the OS................any ideas?

Very cheap SIP Service - Call 40 countries for 99p + VAT
Found 12th Mar 2013Found 12th Mar 2013
I was shopping around for a second land line at home, and found OVH who have a fantastic price plan for people who can use t heir mobile for SIP or have a device at home which can … Read more
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@starfarer Yes, you are right about the normal home phone. If you don't want your PC/Mac to be switched on all the time, then you may buy an adapter or rent one and connect it to the home broadband router. Its easy to configure, and you have a permanent solution for home phone. With Linksys PAP2, you get option for 2 lines simultaneously. BTW - you shouldn't be worried about the "damn loooong time", your user name itself has "far" in it ;).


Thanks ordered one. Excuse for noob questions but what does the included adapter for? is that to use the normal home phone? BTW took me a damn loooong time to find this thread. :(


Thanks socialmammal for the info, just ordered. This deal should have got more heat.


@kknb0800, I have tried this service using SmartPhone, Using ExpressTalk client on Windows and using LinsysPAP adapter. It works with great quality in every scenario. The only difficulty I have faced using the adapter is that it keeps ringing on the other side for few seconds even after I disconnect, and if the other party picks up, I am billed for the usage even though I had hung up. But if you are using it to make free calls within the plan, then its no worry at all.


How does the quality compare between using a smart phone or an adapter? Is it worth getting it with an adapter?

OVH - Free Server [Beta Test] - Canada/US Datacenter
Found 15th Jun 2012Found 15th Jun 2012
Get access to a free OVH dedicated server in their new Canada DC. **Please bare in mind its only free during the beta stages** Server Spec =… Read more

Keep trying, not sure how long left they are doing this for


damn it, no luck :(


Thanks, 5 minutes ;)


Its in a newsletter I got from them couple days ago, Also, I have one.


Where does it state you get the specs listed on ?

Free domain name (no hosting sign up required)
Found 16th Nov 2008Found 16th Nov 2008
Like the title says, free domain name

Personally I would rather pay a bit extra (around £9 for 2 years) and host the domain through for absolute peace of mind. Alot of these companys especially my experience with uk domain registration companys is they make you jump through so many hoops and probably charge a fee aswell when you want to transfer away it's a joke. I reccomend paying extra and going with:


Cold from me. Domains aren't free to register, and this company will seek to recoup their expenses soon. They'll do this by holding your domain to ransom. They'll probably do this without any warning, leaving you with little option other than to give up your website or email address or pay out maybe a few hundred squid. It's only £6 for a domain, so just foot the bill it it's for something of any value to you.


Hot enough for me. thanks


This means if your not having your hosting with OVH then you need to change the DNS servers to your host's DNS servers


I really don't understand why people are voting this cold?!?!