Owl Cm119 Wireless Electricity Monitor @ Tesco Reduced to £9.50 from £35

Owl Cm119 Wireless Electricity Monitor @ Tesco Reduced to £9.50 from £35

Found 3rd Jun 2012
Following on from the Electrisave (which it replaced), the Owl firmly established itself as the UK's number one selling wireless energy monitor brand. The success of the Owl is not simply down to competitive pricing. Its superior build quality, outstanding battery life, and incredibly tenacious wireless link between transmitter and receiver cannot be understated. In our own tests we've found it extremely difficult to break the communication link between Owl transmitters and receivers, despite our best efforts. This makes the Owl the sensible choice if you believe that transmitter range may be an issue in your home.

Owl CM119 Features

Memory function
Economy 7 multiple tariff compatible
Three different transmitter/receiver channels
Extended battery life*
This model from Owl includes a memory function, allowing you to compare your accumulated electricity use over the current and previous day, week, month, quarter or year. This stored data can be viewed as either Cost in pounds and pence, kWh, or Greenhouse Gas. The Owl CM119 features three adjustable transmission frequencies, making it easier to use multiple Owl monitor systems in close proximity. Also included with the Owl CM119 is 'proper' Economy 7 monitoring with split tariffs. Please note that in common with all wireless energy monitors currently offering Economy 7 compatibility, this feature is suitable for use with 'white meter' supplies but not the older style dual circuit installations where two rates are charged simultaneously overnight
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Bradford Buttershaw, Probably store specific but hopefully useful for someone , they had around a dozen left.
Don't the energy companies give these out as freebies?

Don't the energy companies give these out as freebies?

No, not any more , Energy efficient group Carillion (previously Eaga) did for a while last year but they are long gone, owl themselves then offered 40% off £35 for a while, but this deal is still considerably cheaper.
Not available on Tesco Direct sadly, I just looked, still £35.

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Fair enough, I still have one from eon but never look at it as its depressing!
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