Own your own pub from £4,275.00 at Drinkstuff.com plus free delivery.

Own your own pub from £4,275.00 at Drinkstuff.com plus free delivery.

Found 6th Jun 2012
You choose.

The Firkin - £4,275 - drinkstuff.com/pro…284

The Kilderkin £5,515 - drinkstuff.com/pro…291

The Barrel £12,580 - drinkstuff.com/pro…292

The Hogshead - £27,815 -drinkstuff.com/pro…293

Free delivery on all of them.



Doesn't come with a dartboard


One for David Cameron's garden parties to show that he really isn't one of the posh boys.


Doesn't come with a dartboard :(Cold

Haha you would have to play with these though.....


Bad joke, you’re barred.

Firkin 'ell.

Inflatable Pub, correct the title and get the cold votes you deserve

There is a drain outside my house you are welcome to come and throw your money in...

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Doesn't come with a dartboard :(Cold

Something to do with 'elf n safety' party poppers ...... sorry poopers

Worth splashing out for the Hogshead.

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Jonas Quinn

This is much better, … This is much better, http://www.drinkstuff.com/products/product.asp?ID=4256

I say buy that for outside the Hogshead

You could get a lease on a real pub for less than half of that snpubs.co.uk/cac…pdf loads more here snpubs.co.uk/our…rue, If you fancied working 100+ hours a week as a slave for a brewery (_;)

Not many profitable one's left since the smoking ban

Love this as an idea for a weekend business

The prices seem a bit over inflated to me

You've really let us down by posting this deal.
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