Oxfam sale now on!

Oxfam sale now on!

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Found 29th Dec 2009
SALE NOW ON - 50% off selected second-hand clothes, books, music and collectables. Start shopping now!


Who's voting cold and why exactly?


Who's voting cold and why exactly?

Im sure some people come on here just to vote things cold!

Anyway hot from me thanks

yep, i'm positive they do Emzy. Given the effort some go to to find these deals and post them, they shouldn't be able to vote cold without justifying it.

I voted negative due to Oxfam’s double standards,


You can also research Jeremy Hobbs, I’ll leave you to come to your own conclusions on him. As at least one of the mods refers to any anti Zionist comments as propaganda. And I already have 1 Infraction for suggesting otherwise.

This is not meant as a slur to any well meaning people who work for Oxfam. It’s just to suggest they should make themselves aware of the people who are in control of this “charity”.

But more importantly to the majority on this site, they will just be selling off the crap that they couldn’t sell at there regular price.:whistling:

They refused a donation directly from someone advocating violence against someone else.

Then they accepted a donation from a company, one of whose directors is active on the other side of that argument.

I don't see any double standards, but then I'm neutral and somewhat ignorant as regards the israel/palestine thing so can look at it with no bias whatsoever.

For second-hand goods, this site is expensive. Items such as England shirts from 2005 @ £14.99, which I see often in charity shops for £1-£3

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I might get some CD's :thumbsup:
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