Oxford Oak Extendable Table and 6 Black Chairs (HALF PRICE)
Oxford Oak Extendable Table and 6 Black Chairs (HALF PRICE)

Oxford Oak Extendable Table and 6 Black Chairs (HALF PRICE)

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This is my first post so please be nice..

Oak table, half price, you would struggle to find the chairs for this price.
I have been waiting for these to come back on and now they have.. hope you like

* Size of table (H)75, (W)90, (L)150cm.
* Size of chair (H)90, (W)44, (D)53cm.
* Extended table length 210cm.
* Solid oak table frame with oak finish legs.
* Chairs with black leather effect upholstered seat pads and back rests.
* Weight of table 56kg.
* Weight of chair 4.5kg.
* Self assembly 2 people recommended.


Voted cold as i dont like oak

You might want to change the title this is not solid oak - only the frame is (no mention of if the table top itself is oak but at 57kg Im guessing not)

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Its saying oak finish legs so I am taking it as an oak table top... Soon see when it arrives on the 2nd

bought this set for our conservatory 2 years ago for 140 including 8 chairs from homebase due to a misprice..lol

well worth it @ 140, still not bad for 250...oak is fine its not dark

imo about as good as most ikea stuff, but way better than their equally priced or cheap stuff

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Oak finish is also described as machined oak or veneer, which means it will have a thin plane of oak glued over (normally) rubber wood. Only the frame on this set is solid oak. It's still a good price, but solid oak set it's not, although even the most expensive extending oak tables (i.e. framed) have machined wood, as solid oak will crack in a frame.

I don't rate those chairs those - those legs look like pins, and 4.5kgs for a chair (just over two bags of sugar!) simply isn't sturdy enough.

pretty sure its solid oak - if you look at the table at the bottom under special offers - its exactly same size, shape and weight and is described as solid oak when you buy the table seperatly so would hope its an identical table as suggest the items together then says can be bought as special bundle offer and all the catelogue numbers match - so if you ask me its solid oak!

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There is no such thing as "solid" furniture from Argos, go to a proper furniture shop with real solid wood tables, you will see the difference between this and that.

The chairs and legs look like they'd collapse.

i don't think you can really go wrong for £260 for a table and 6 chairs - its hardly gonna break. You def get what you pay for depends on how long you want it - i intended to move house in the next 18months so hardly want to spend £2k on a table I find I can't use

not sure who the ppl are that are scared chairs are going to collapse - over all my years of sitting down on many different chairs sofa etc never had one break yet is this really something that people worry about??
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I bought these when the went cheap at homebase, over a year later.... a crap table and annoying squeaky chairs, even had them replaced n they still squeaked! In this case its buy cheap buy twice!


Because we made the same mistake once with cheap argos type furniture and learnt through experience that furniture like that is replaced quickly so you may as well have bought decent to start.

Those chairs look really crap that is what I mean, so does the table really spindly, it's not solid oak see a proper solid oak table you'll see what I mean, really thick slabs of wood.

The chairs/table just start to fall apart when it Argos stuff, I don't mean literally collpase, but it all starts becoming loose, wood splitting etc.

so you had an unfortuante experience once with something you bought from Argos? And i know what you're saying and I usually buy quality products but sometimes you have to buy cheap!

Those chairs look like every design of chair for that style from any retailer for this kind of money I'm guessing they sell thousands of these and yes i'm sure they get some returns after all its mass produced cheap furniture as said. It is not going to hold up to a handcrafted table built by a proper carpenter. All i can say is my experience is if you tighten the screws up properly and check them ever few months it will hopefully last you a good while if it turns up and its **** just return it under distanct selling reg - hardly a big deal!
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No all I am saying is you are in cuckoo land if you think this is 100% solid Oak, it's not quality furniture, it's cheap crap that won't last, if you don't need it to, or look good for long great.

it says the tables solid oak if its not its misold and you send it back!
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It' says underneath the legs are not solid oak but an effect X)

Which under their jargon buster says it's what makes it cheaper to buy as it's not sold it's a real wood finish, just like the "leather" chairs will be plastic coverings.

People are allowed to have a difference in opinion you know, I think this set looks utter crap and would last 5 minutes, as it's not a solid table, to me it's not a deal to others it is. Swings and roundabouts.

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This table arrived so thought i would give some feedback. The table top is solid oak, although made up from smaller bits (looks nice though). The legs are not a vaneer, they are solid wood, although not sure what wood exactly, I have heard them using rubber wood so possible its that, you cant really notice the difference between them and the table top though. the table extentions store under the table and look nice then attaches although the wood grain is oposite that the table.
The chairs are not as solid as the table and will need replacing a long time before the table does, besides that they are comfortable and feel solid when you are on them.
I would advice this to anyone looking for a decent priced table. Im sure it will last a good number of years.
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