Oxford Titan Disc Lock (Bronze Series) £17.85 with delivery @ GhostBikes.com

Oxford Titan Disc Lock (Bronze Series) £17.85 with delivery @ GhostBikes.com

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Found 11th Dec 2017
Best price I have seen so far on these!

Price shown includes £1.99 delivery and discount code TMIX to bring the price down to £17.85

Motorcycle theft remains a growing problem both in the UK and abroad.

Every year more motorcycles are stolen, more motorcyclists are left

disappointed and inconvenienced and even more is spent on anti-theft

insurance policies.

According to the Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service and the Police

National Computer archives, it takes, on average, 12 seconds to steal an

unprotected motorcycle. One motorcycle is stolen every 14 minutes in the

UK, and less than 14% of stolen motorcycles are recovered. That’s pretty

shocking, don’t you think?

More than half of all motorcyclists neglect to use any form of

motorcycle security on their vehicle, making it an obvious target for

the opportunist thief. Here at GhostBikes, we want to avoid you falling

into that category.

The Oxford Security range features Sold Secure approved products. Sold

Secure is an independent, non-profit making organisation dedicated to

reducing the risk of theft by testing security products. The same

methods of attack used by criminals on the street are replicated by Sold

Secure in the assessment of security products. Many insurance companies

offer substantial reductions to those who use Sold Secure approved


A range of Oxford Security products have also been tested to Thatcham

Vehicle Security standard. The Thatcham Institute for Vehicle Security

is recognised by insurers as the UK’s leading tester of vehicle security

products. Products with the Thatcham label have been demonstrated to

comply with The British Insurance Industry’s Criteria for Vehicle

Security – the toughest set of standards ever to be applied to

motorcycle locks and alarm immobilisers. As a result, many insurance

companies offer significant discounts to those who use Thatcham Approved


Selected Oxford Products also have a key replacement service available.

Grab your Oxford Titan Disc Lock 1.2m while stocks last!
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Doesn't look very strong
14.99 New off bay
LondonsRichestTramp2 h, 19 m ago

Doesn't look very strong

Doesn't really matter how strong it is. These are more of a visual deterrent for opportunistic thieves than anything else.
My bike has an Oxford HD lock & chain, a disc lock and a second disc lock alarm. Though I'm thinking that the alarm might be better suited stuck under the seat in the storage compartment than as a second disc lock as such. Added to that the gate to my drive is also locked with a heavy duty chain and lock.

Don't get why so many don't bother with any kind of security on a bike as such. Even a basic disc lock alarm can be bought for about £20, both visual and audio deterrent in the same item.
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