OXO stock cubes - 3 boxes of 12 - 99p Lidl

OXO stock cubes - 3 boxes of 12 - 99p Lidl

Found 11th Dec 2010
Was patrolling around my local Lidl and found the following offer;
3 boxes (x12) oxo stock cubes for 99p. Best by dates April and May 2012.

thanks to leithman1 on mse
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I want some!
Pity that I don't live anywhere near a Lidl branch.
When I saw this in Lidl earlier this week I thought, oh goodie!, 69p each or two for 99p. I went to the check and thought, oh, they've made a mistake, they haven't given me my discount. The lad checked and said the offer was THREE for 99p. Derrr! Silly me!! However they refunded my my £1.38 and then I went and got three boxes of beef and three of chicken.

This a less than half price deal. Excuse the pun but you really should 'stock' up on this one..

This is one f
Shame it's not BISTO. You'd have got five boxes.
They ran this before about a month ago, but still an excellent deal. (use by date a month ago was May 2012, i've still got some left for info). Can stock up and help reach my £30 spend to get the additional £5 off as well, with today's mirror voucher, and the rest is gravy.
Wow that's cheap! Might have to pop down
That's a brilliant deal - I was looking at these in Tescos earlier and they were on offer at 2 for £1.50!
Did they have this variety?

LOL - I hear Newcastle are trying to get a similar deal written into the Premier League rule. Sack one, sack two free. It would be a massive money saver for them.
Normal price in my branch, I checked with a staff member too. Must be store specific.
Turns out the staff member was wrong. Went back in today and this time there was a sign up saying 3 for 99p so got 6.
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