Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc - £7.29 @ Morrisons

Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc - £7.29 @ Morrisons

Found 18th May 2014
Good price on a seldom reduced bottle of plonk.

Fresh, crisp and clean with flavours of ripe tropical fruits and zingy acidity. This is gorgeous with chicken and fish but we'd suggest sipping this cracking Bay on its own as an aperitif. But that's just how we roll. We're Bay sippy rollers.

You'll wish every day was Bay day with this is pale yellow gloriously fruity beauty from the Marlborough region in the north-eastern part of New Zealand's South Island. This elegant, delicious, zesty Kiwi has brilliant clarity and is just bursting with room-filling smells of pineapple, passion fruit and melon.
A clean tropical white, it's a beautifully-balanced wine you'll love as an aperitif, or paired-up with any lighter seafood dish, lemon herb chicken, or summer salad. Chill well and we guarantee you'll be well-chilled.
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This would normally be a very hot price, but was £6 a bottle in Tesco last week ( not sure if still on offer or not, although it was advertised as £6 until 20/5/14 so should be).

Edited by: "blowbrown" 18th May 2014
Massively over-priced wine in my view if anybody paid the so called RRP. This is frequently reduced to £5.99 or even £5.49 in Tesco.

I think they hope that people will be fooled into thinking that it is of similar standard to Cloudy Bay which costs a lot more.

Good price on a seldom reduced bottle of plonk.

Not sure what your definition of 'seldom' is but as stated by Stephen above, I often see this reduced along with all the other wine promotions run in stores.
Maybe confusing this with Cloudy Bay.

Maybe confusing this with Cloudy Bay.

...then if OP is confusing this with Cloudy, then I'd question their wine knowledge totally! However, they appear to shop in Morrisons a lot and therefore it may not be reduced too often in comparrison to Tesco et al.

Either way, this is a crap deal :s
Lovely stuff
I buy this regularly and I've never seen it at around £5.50. I pay about £8.50 average. not confusing it with cloudy bay. its lovely wine!
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