OZ Complete Collection (Series 1-6) @ Tesco £32.97

OZ Complete Collection (Series 1-6) @ Tesco £32.97

Found 17th Apr 2010
Just noticed Oz is now just under £33 after being over £50 for ages.

Synopsis: The Oswald Maximum Security Prison has opened an experimental new ward reserved for especially dangerous criminals. This unit, Emerald City, focuses on rehabilitation, but the world inside is even more corrupt and violent than the mean streets where these inmates come from. Inside the walls there are also two sets of rules, those laid down by the warden and those understood by the racially divided prisoners.

This HBO series, full of gritty and violent imagery, deftly handles some sensitive issues of the American justice system. This collection gathers together the first six seasons of the show, which has proved to be one of the most popular and long-running dramas in HBO's history.


I did search to see if this has been posted before, could only find a post for it £49.99 @ Amazon that was two weeks old

Sorry, just clicked the link to make sure it worked, & noticed it listed as
Despatched: Unavailable


Entertaining series. Worth a look, I'd say.

would be amazing........but no stock so they probably wouldnt honour it. best program ever IMO and this price would be great but cant see it happening.

cant even add it to basket

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Really sorry, I did click expire but nothing happened


Really sorry, I did click expire but nothing happened:oops:

its ok, lol, its been expired already.....we could only wish it'd be this price really
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