Oz - Complete Season 1-6 [DVD]  £45.08 @ Amazon

Oz - Complete Season 1-6 [DVD] £45.08 @ Amazon

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The Oswald Maximum Security Prison has opened an experimental new ward reserved for especially dangerous criminals. This unit, Emerald City, focuses on rehabilitation, but the world inside is even more corrupt and violent than the mean streets where these inmates come from. Inside the walls there are also two sets of rules, those laid down by the warden and those understood by the racially divided prisoners.

This HBO series, full of gritty and violent imagery, deftly handles some sensitive issues of the American justice system. This collection gathers together the first six seasons of the show, which has proved to be one of the most popular and long-running dramas in HBO's history.

Posted this a few days ago,now its cheaper again...well worth wwatching


Awesome series, finished watching it a month or so back...quality! Recommended buy!

Great show. Only a matter of time before it appears on Sky Atlantic.



Hi all,

I couldn't agree more. This show is awesome.

but it's probably more useful watching the awe inspiring documentary PLANET EARTH!!

Thanks for this

One of the greatest American TV or even one best TV shows ever to written... If series can make feel that the character are truly real with such depth...its perfection...or you need to a doctor...
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Have these on DVD already but heat added here for the price (Paid £20 a series for mine) and the fact that this is one of IF NOT the best TV series ever created! If you have never seen this show please do so!!!!

I think the last couple of season were not as good as the early ones - too many new faces coming in a la star trek dudes you don't know getting beamed down to the alien planet - you know they are there as fodder, but overall a superb series even though it tapered off.

Lots of people who went on to star in the Wire pop up as well, can't recommend this show enough to people to be fair.
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