Oz - Emerald City Collection £21.99 @ HMV

Oz - Emerald City Collection £21.99 @ HMV

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Found 14th Oct 2017

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Oz: The Complete Seasons 1-6


BARCODE: 5014437185136

Studio: Paramount Home EntertainmentCertification:18Duration: 2520minsFormat: DVD Box SetCategory: TelevisionReleased: 3rd February 2014Earn Pure Points: 2199



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All 56 episodes of the gritty, thought-provoking prison drama from HBO. Set in the Emerald City experimental wing of Oswald (Oz) Correctional Facility - the series takes a futuristic look at crime and punishment. Emerald City was set up with a pre-agreed amount of members of ten racial and social demographics (The Muslims, The Homeboys, The Aryans, The Bikers, The Italians, The Latinos, The Irish, The Gays, The Christians and The Others) to see whether they might be able to sort things out among themselves - or at least to witness their attempts. There's no shortage of shankin', cussin', fightin' and lovin', though - the prime ingredients in any prison drama. Season one episodes comprise: 'The Routine', 'Visits, Conjugal and Otherwise', 'God's Chillin'', 'Capital P', 'Straight Life', 'To Your Health', 'Plan B' and 'A Game of Checkers'. Season two episodes are: 'The Tip', 'Ancient Tribes', 'Great Men', 'Losing Your Appeal', 'Family Bizness', 'Strange Bedfellows', 'Animal Farm' and 'Escape from Oz'. Season three episodes comprise: 'The Truth and Nothing But...', 'Napoleon's Boney Parts', 'Legs', 'Unnatural Disasters', 'U.S. Male', 'Cruel and Unusual Punishments', 'Secret Identities' and 'Out o' Time'. Season four episodes are: 'A Cock and Balls Story', 'Obituaries', 'Bill of Wrongs', 'Works of Mercy', 'Gray Matter', 'A Word to the Wise', 'A Town Without Pity', 'You Bet Your Life', 'Medium Rare', 'Conversions', 'Revenge Is Sweet', 'Cuts Like a Knife', 'Blizzard of '01', 'Orpheus Descending', 'Even the Score' and 'Famous Last Words'. Season five episodes comprise: 'Visitation', 'Laws of Gravity', 'Dream a Little Dream of Me', 'Next Stop, Valhalla', 'Wheel of Fortune', 'Variety', 'Good Intentions' and 'Impotence'. Season six episodes are: 'Dead Man Talking', 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil', 'Sonata De Oz', 'A Failure to Communicate', '4giveness', 'A Day in the Death...', 'Junkyard Dawgs' and 'Exeunt
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I think this was the first HBO series made and definitely one of the best. Full of familiar faces who have gone on to become instantly recognisable.
One of the great American TV shows. Wish they would upscale it. Heat added
Fantastic programme. Ahead of its time
One of my favs
£19.88 with code at Zoom.
One of the best shows if not the best show ive ever seen YES it really is that good.
Definitely one of the best shows around. Pretty much any main member of the cast over all seasons has gone on to be in top draw programs/films from recent times!
Darzen4 h, 17 m ago

£19.88 with code at Zoom.

What's the code?

And why's it the emerald City collection? Is there anything special about it?
J_Staunton16 m ago

What's the code?And why's it the emerald City collection? Is there …What's the code?And why's it the emerald City collection? Is there anything special about it?

Vaguely remember watching this back in the day bitting and bobbing as I'm sure it was on quite late. It's on Now TV at the moment (not sure about the emerald city bit) I might give it a whirl.
First programme I got hooked on...

The Wire and OZ. Any better TV series recommendations?
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