ozark trail gazebo with 4 sides (mesh) 11'x11'x7' £12 in store at asda

ozark trail gazebo with 4 sides (mesh) 11'x11'x7' £12 in store at asda

Found 3rd Aug 2015
Just been to asda in Middlesbrough & picked this up.

It's 11 foot square, 7 foot tall & has 4 mesh sides that are zipped & can be tied back.

Hydrostatic head of only 800 though so not amazing in driving rain lol

Also got a flocked double airbed with built in foot pump for £8
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How heavy is it? Despite the hydrostatic head it looks like a bargain for keeping in the car during a camping trip and just whipping out if the weather is clear.

Have you assembled it yet?
5kg. Not got it up yet but dying to give it a go lol
Decent carry bag as well. Has buckles on it that can be used to tighten it all up & make smaller.

Certainly smaller & lighter than. The one I was thinking of. Getting from Aldi which was reduced from £20 to £10 (but had no sides)
I bought one of these a couple of years ago.

living in Scotland, I thought it would be ideal for keeping the midges out while camping. but, the holes in the mesh are that big, that they could get in side by side.

don't get me wrong, give me the option of camping with this, or without, it will be going with me each time. for the price its excelent
I have one. it really is excellent. If you go camping / picnicking anywhere there's flies or midges it works great. It's quick to put up, and shelters the kids from the sun a bit too.
Another asda & another bargain, folding 2 wheel trolley for £5. Will mean the 4 trips back to the car at a festival recently will be much easier next time haha
Saw one of these up today - looked fab and easy to use, lightweight and relatively small to store.
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