Ozark Trail Gazebo (with mesh walls) for £25 @ ASDA Direct

Ozark Trail Gazebo (with mesh walls) for £25 @ ASDA Direct

Found 26th Jun 2012
Thing that stands out for me with this is the mesh walls you can use as well, especially handy hopefully to keep out the odd wasp etc if you are eating your BBQ in there. (Pics in post #1)

The Ozark Trail Gazebo is a great accompanyment to your tent whilst on your camping holiday. Perfect for sitting in on an evening if there's a chill in the air, or equally to escape the sun if it's too hot.

Features a wide view with mesh wall, pre attached guy out for stable setting up, freestanding frame for easy standing and a 4 I style door on each wall makes easy entrance.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 7 ft (335 x 335 x 223 cm)
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Looks cool!
Got this for next years festival looks much better than the one that i abandoned and left behind. Side panels on a conventional gazebo cost around £40 so this is an amazing buy.
TERRIBLE bit of kit. not fit for purpose if there is *any* sort of wind outside. ours lasted ONE DAY of camping. and even then while we were sat underneath it, it kept hitting us on the head because the wind kept blowing it into itself!

by morning, several poles had snapped, and various bits were ripped. i'm just preparing an email to their returns dept now!

if it is completely sunny with no wind, youll be just fine, but any sort of "weather" and it will get trashed really easily.
Are these instore everywhere?

Going to Hop Farm tomorrow and might go and pick one up if so.
Well just bought one from asda
If report is true I will take it back to them bit I think it will br fine as theyve been out of stock for over 4 months with not one return.finally got one beauty is with asda if its not up to scratch they will replace or give you a full refund so its a no brainer really .
These are back instore for £30
Defo not fit for purpose do not purchase complete rubbish
Ive been everywhere in Birmingham to get one of these ideal for camping finely got one in small heath they had a good few left £25 bargain
I have just got it in orange and grey put it up to see if is all there this is fab better than I thought its very big fab deal (Ozark trail gazebo) Best £25 I have paid
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