Ozeri Touch Total Body Bathroom Scale £23.99 normally £34.99 Amazon (daily deal)

Ozeri Touch Total Body Bathroom Scale £23.99 normally £34.99 Amazon (daily deal)

Found 6th Nov 2016
“Measures Weight, Body Fat, Hydration, Muscle and Bone Mass with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology”

Both black and white models available at this price.

I’ve been looking for some bathroom scales with ‘extra’ features for a while. Have read plenty of reviews for scales at a whole range of prices but not see any stand-out best-buys: it seems for every positive review you read there is an equal and opposite negative! Eventually I decided that on balance these were as good as I was going to get and set-up a price alert in the hope that between now and Christmas they would drop from their usual £34.99. And today they are one of Amazons’ Deals of the Day’ with £11 knocked off the price.

If you are thinking of purchasing I suggest you first read the Amazon review posted by ‘AC’
Specifically the scales go through a reset procedure after they have been moved and hence

…in practice, unless you keep them in exactly the same position, every time you use the scales you have to first reset them by pressing down with your foot hard enough to power them on and wait a few seconds for the reading to settle to zero
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