P & O Ferries Hull to Zeebrugge 2 for 1 - From £74

P & O Ferries Hull to Zeebrugge 2 for 1 - From £74

Found 15th Feb 2011
P & O North Sea Ferries have 2 for 1 deals on the Hull mini cruises.
I personally, do the Hull to Zeebrugge motorists mini cruise.
2 passengers (for the price of one) plus a car for approx £74.
Then as you drive from Zeebrugge to Dunkerque (hypermarket) - stop off at Adinkerke (Tobacco Road) and buy your 3kg of tobacco for 'personal use'. Another tip - Eat before you board and just have a coffee/croussant for breakfast, otherwise it's another £89 for two for meals.
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So you can use your car on this? and its £74 for a return? can you spend any time there at all or just the day and drive back for your return?
and you get free campylobacter

no seriously, they don't charge you for it, it is completely free and will be with you for years to come
Have done this trip quite a few times over the years (live in the north, so Dover isn't that easy) and use it to top up on Tobacco/Cigs and then to the French Hypermarket (Auchan in Dunkerque) for wine cheese beer (especially Desperados - which is French).
Around £3.80 for a 50g pouch of Amber Leaf - in Belgium (Adinkerke = Tobacco Road).
The food on the Ferry is pretty crap in my opinion - a shame, as it used to be very reasonable and tasty. If two smokers make the trip (£74) and buy 6kg of Baccy (£380 ish). You get over a grands worth of baccy at UK prices.
Dont forget quidco cashback a stonking 2% or 4.04% with topcashback (_;)
I've travelled P O Hull to Zeebrugge many times, and I consider the restaurant food to be 1st class. Perhaps the dissatisfieds are expecting too much.
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