P20 Suntan Lotion £16.99 @ Semichem

P20 Suntan Lotion £16.99 @ Semichem

Found 2nd Jun 2010
was in SemiShem tonight and they had P20 Suntan Lotion for £16.99, it is usually £23.99 so a good saving ...

I use this whenever im on holiday and i think it is brilliant ... apply it in the morning wait about 30 mins and ur protected for the rest of the day

willl buy a few more before the weekend (which is when the offer ends)


I discovered this around 8 years ago, it is brilliant for fair skin, i'm ginger ( will wait for usual comments) and with this on can stay in a hot sun all day, even at duty free this is around £19

I think i would rather just get a big bottle of a standard factor. I don't mind applying suncream twice

Its only £16.29 on Amazon


Thats also with free delivery, not sure how much Semichem charge for delivery.
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