P7 Wireless Bowers & Wilkins Headphones, lowest ever price £249 - Amazon

P7 Wireless Bowers & Wilkins Headphones, lowest ever price £249 - Amazon

Found 24th Nov 2017
I have these headphones already and they are quality, I had a price notification setup that I’d left on and can advise that these have never been this low in price.

£249 down from £320; if you’re looking for wireless headphones, these are fantastic.

Top ratings from the tech websites / magazines.

Another link here for £259 - amazon.co.uk/dp/…ect
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Good price for great headphones. Heat added.
These genuinely make my life better every day. I went through the usual rigmarole of reading loads of reviews, testing lots of headphones and these were the first that made me forget about bass response, presence, timing and all that. Instead I was just standing there thinking ‘wow, I love this song’. They’re the kind of hifi gear that makes you want to go through all your old music again. Pardon my waxing lyrical here but they are really that good.
Wait till you put in on your head, after a while, you got to throw in to the floor...the comfort just terrible...
Have had 3 of these, best headphones I've ever used, definitely feel like something else when you put them on, the sound is just so crisp and clear, not to mention the beautiful leather smell they have! That's a brilliant price!
Back to £319 now.
I had a set of P5's and although they were good I did not think they were good enough for the money. Thankfully they have a 60 day no questions asked returns policy so I sent them back. I genuinely don't think they were better sounding than my £60 AKG Y50s. They are not so nice to handle of course but for me at least you are paying to much for the build and looks.
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