Paani  Puri  kit  (Indian snack) at Tesco's

Paani Puri kit (Indian snack) at Tesco's

LocalFound 17th Oct 2012
Yummy paani puri kit ( popular Indian road side snack) served at many restaurants, especially veggie ones! Kit contains 30 puri's (round puffed wheat flour balls) & the water mix & chutney to add inside. Saw them today on special offer advertised at £2.49 instead of £2.99 ( or £3 me forgets) scanning at £2!! Absolute bargain, usually pay more just for the balls in a box! Can't find online, will post pic when OH gets in.... No cheese for a £1 SEL states out of stock, SA even went & checked in back
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bought on today its disgusting
avoid dont buy
At Tesco's what?
which Tesco?
yes no chilli sauces or this stuff in dorset - just wasted time looking

memona bought on today its disgusting avoid dont buy

Oh well, I'm yet to try..... Either way I'm happy as I usually pay £3-£3.50 for a box of puri's.... & make my own mix/sauce&filling at home. So these still a cheap buy even if the sauce sucks!
these are kinda like the tequila shots of the food world.

SKNIGHTwhich Tesco?

Canal Road
What dept are these shelved?
I couldn't find them.
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