Pac-Man Colour Changing Ghost Light now £8  / Tetris Light £9 / Emoji Night Light - Mr. Poo £6 / Emoji Wink lamp £6 + more @ Asda George

Pac-Man Colour Changing Ghost Light now £8 / Tetris Light £9 / Emoji Night Light - Mr. Poo £6 / Emoji Wink lamp £6 + more @ Asda George

Found 3rd Apr

Inspired by one of the most iconic video games of all time, this PAC-MAN Ghost Light is a colour changing mood light with two different modes to choose from. In 'standard mode', the light will simply phase through 16 different colours on repeat. Enabling the 'party mode' switch will allow the light to change colour in time to music - with an adjustable sensitivity dial making it possible to alter the setting for better reactions to loud or quiet music. Cute and quirky, this light would make a fantastic gift for any video game fan.

The light comes with a 1m micro USB cable, and can be powered by connecting to any standard USB port in a laptop or mains adapter. Instruction manual also included.

Pac-man changing lamp £8

Emoji Lamp - Wink £6


Tetris Light £9


PAW Patrol Skye Illumi-mate £6


Also Emoji Night Light - Mr. Poo £6
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Thanks! I already had the Pac-man ghost ready for my husband's birthday but now I've got the Tetris lamp too. All I need to do now is hope he doesn't figure out they're secretly for me!
Does not take you to the lamps
Pac-man lamp out of stock
I posted the Tetris one within one of my posts sometime ago,been this price for awhile
The Tetris light is cool until you knock it over for the tenth time then it’s back in the box.
The ghost and tetris lamp are out of stock. I would have bought the tetris lamp.
out of stock
Ghost lamp seems to be back in stock, just ordered one. The Tetris lamp, however, seems to be missing entirely.
Tetris lamp back in stock now too!
I've bought the ghost light for around £20 a few years ago. It's ok but doesn't light up as bright as you would think, still a good deal for £8.
No more pac-man gutted! Heat regardless!
Don't buy the Skye one! it's pretty but the batteries last about 3 days and it takes 3 watch batteries. If (like my toddler) you want to have it on when you go to bed, you'll end up spending more on batteries in a fortnight than the lamp actually cost.
If we were influenced by video games as kids we’d have all been in dark rooms munching pills listening to repetative music in the 90s.... oh wait a minute
Checked a few times and both tetris and ghost out of stock, but tetris back in stock today (20th April) - so I managed to buy one. Thanks for posting this.
Even though Pacman shows OOS I ordered 2 anyway and the order went through and they have been dispatched from the warehouse for collection from my local Asda on Monday.
Edit - Received email that items were available to collect on Saturday.…KwC

It lights up Purple, Aqua, Cyan Blue, light green, dark green, red. Would have been great it had yellow and orange too as they are colours you associate with pacman and it was on the box anyway.
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