Pack Away Garage - £5 @ Asda (Instore)

Pack Away Garage - £5 @ Asda (Instore)

Found 25th Apr 2011
A fully operating garage packs away inside a portable racing wheel! This wicked garage delivers high octane thrills and spills for the young petrol head. Get your cars serviced fully serviced, fine tuned and raring to race at one of the Pack Away Garage�s many zones: the car wash, three level car park with hair-raising access ramps, service station, car lift and helipad. Or simply roll around the station�s various roadways and access bridges!

The reviews are not so good, but my 8 year old just got this and loves it, goes together easily and is sturdy enough. was markerd at £40 reduced to £20 but shelf price was £5 and it scanned at that no problem,
The £5. price is instore, it is reduced to £10 on line,


I think I bought one of these last christmas or the one before for £10 in Asda or it might have been on a 3 for £20 offer. Anyway, my opinion of the product is not good. It took too long to set it up and to pack it away. Some of the pieces just did not fit together properly. I think we ended up giving it away to a charity.

Dont bother very poor product bits fall off all the time even tried to glue it together but its not the type of plastic you can glue.Gave it to the charity shop told them to sell it for 50p and paid them £20 for the elc one much better and kid loves it

,my son got this Christmas just gone and iv got rid of it a few weeks ago by the time I set it up he was board and on to something else could not leave it up as it always fell apart would not recommend.

We got the elc one too for about £24 we are very pleased with it

don't buy it it's rubbish
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