Pack of 2, 8 in 1 remote controls £3.33
Pack of 2, 8 in 1 remote controls £3.33

Pack of 2, 8 in 1 remote controls £3.33

Item Description

Brand new stylish touch screen universal remote control. You are bidding for a pack of 2. You can use this remote control with any device in your home. With a brilliant blue backlight, you will never stuggle to see the buttons in the dark. You can use the codes provided in the book or the auto/quick search functions to pair up the remote with your device.......

Slim & stylish, perfect to carry around with you.

2 Touch Screen Universal Remote Controls in 1 Packet

Blue Backlight

Control Any Device in Your Home

Easy Setup

Technical Support Telephone Line


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ACE Eastern ITT-Nokia Onkyo SHOV Videocon
Admiral Echostar Janco Orion Siarem Viewstar
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Aiwa EISAT JEBSEE Otto Versand Siemens Vortic Star
Akai Elbe Jeemon Pace Siesta Voxson
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ASA Filmnet KONIG Pilot Stern Yoko
Asiagiant Finlux Korting Pioneer Strong Zanussi
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ASTRX Force Lenco Prandoni-Prince STV Zenith
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Aura France Telecom Logic Prosat Sylvania
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Clarivox Hotel TV Morgans Samsung Thomson
CONIC HTS Multisystem Sansui Thorn Furguson
Contec Hughes Multitech Sanyo TMK
Crosley Huth Murphy SAT 100 Toshiba
CTC Clatronic HWALIN NAD Sateco TPS
Daewoo Hyper NEC Sat Receiver Trans
Dansai ICX International Neckermann Schneider Uher
DCS IEEC NEI Scientific Atlanta Ultravox
Decca Ikasu Neosat Sears Unbranded
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y cold?

Why does it state, you are bidding for??

need to add 17.5% on total price

All prices quoted on our website are NET prices excluding VAT. The VAT is included during the checkout process at the standard UK 17.5% rate.

You get what you pay for, you need to spend upwards of £20 for a decent universal remote. Trust me I've been there.

Never heard of the site. Has anyone bought from it?

I bought these a few months ago - they do not work! All I could do is switch off my TV with them on one set. They're now recycled! DO NOT BUY THEM as you are wasting your money!

Bargain price! Gotta be worth a try for that amount.
If they ain't no good, get 'em on eBay..!!!!!
I bought 'em..!! :-)


Bargain price! Gotta be worth a try for that amount.If they ain't no … Bargain price! Gotta be worth a try for that amount.If they ain't no good, get 'em on eBay..!!!!!I bought 'em..!! :-)

Believe me, they will not work! Why go to all that bother? Anyway, there's already loads on eBay.
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