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Pack of 2 AA Car Key Signal blocker Wallet - £3 + Free Delivery @ Weeklydeals4less

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Good price, cheapest anywhere! Not sure if any good or not, but seems to be handy to have.


Set of 2 AA Car Key Signal Blocker Cases

  • One Size fits all Keyless Car Keys, Key Fobs, Credit Cards and Phones
  • Protects your keyless entry fob for your vehicle
  • Stops thieves from accessing contactless cards
  • Blocks phone signals and GPS Tracking devices


  • RFID Protection
  • Keep your Car Safe with this Car Fob Case with inbuilt Signal Blocker Lining
  • It stops all Frequency Signals being sent or received by your Key Fob.
  • The lining prevents the bad guys from picking up relaying signals from your Key, stopping Key-less ignition theft.
  • You can also protect your Bank Cards and Entry Tags / Cards in the same way.
  • Dimensions: (Width)12cm x (Length)18cm

Hope it helps someone

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    Many new cars now have motion sensors in the key fob and the fob will go into sleep mode if not moved, so this type of RF protection isn't needed. For example...

    ford.co.uk/sup…ork (edited)
    This would imply all keyless thefts take place in the dead of night when everyone's asleep.

    Since criminals will wise up to this behaviour, they will simply camp outside of a home until the occupant returns, wait for them to close the front door and instantly obtain what they need before the key has gone to sleep.

    Just buy a metal box and drop the keys inside. Don't lock it. This allows for the worst criminals who were never going to stop at the front door to find the key before heading upstairs to challenge you for it, but also protects the key from any kind of interception.
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    Got these before Xmas and they work very well.
    Good to hear that they work well!
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    Don't these keyless entry fobs have an on/off switch?
    Most keys have sleep mode, so if you take it out your pocket it goes to sleep after 30 seconds of no movement and stops sending the signal. Has been this way since 2019 with most manufactures, so check if youi need one of these before you buy and have the hassle of using.
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    I've bought several fabric based RFID blockers over the years. After a few weeks or months of use they've all started leaking radio signals. While probably great for flat credit cards, I think when kept in a pocket, the fabric may be stretching around the edges of the bulky car keys and the metal mesh in the fabric opens up and lets radio signals pass through.
    So if you buy this, check every week that it's still working.
    I now keep my car keys in a metal box by the door.
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    Bought one and now I can't get into my car. Please help.
    and now take keys out of pouch...voila
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    Thanks OP ordered for my shiny EV, have some heat!!
    Check that they work, both mine didn't
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    Damn, I bought a 2 pack off Amazon earlier this wk for £6.99. These look a bit big compared to the small size I bought which just arrived today & is a good neat size.
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    I wouldn’t bother, if they want your car they will take it. They will break into your house instead. Thats what insurance is for. Let them have it. (edited)
    Yeah I don't bother either, leave my front door unlocked and never lock the car either because if they want to rob you they'll do it anyways.
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    Looking at the measurements on these, they do look a bit big for a pocket - maybe okay for keeping at home (edited)
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    Just don't keep your keys in a bowl or on a hook by the door. They're not going to target you if you make it even slightly difficult when they can go to many houses and literally see the keys through the letterbox.
    I think this is for when the thieves don’t need to physically take your keys, only to scan the signal from them and copy the key that way.
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    Keep your keys in these when your at home as a minimum as a lot of theft car theft apparently is done this way nowadays. For £3 is it worth the risk and hassle following a crime.
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    one bit of police advice - get this......Keep you keys in the microwave oven!
    I have heard they work as a Faraday cage.
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    Bit pointless as a wallet if you have to take the key out to get into the car?
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    These don't work I had my keys in the house in blocker bags and they still got the signal with a booster and stole my car.
    Maybe combine one of these with a metal tin.
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    How likely is one to be scammed from an unprotected card in a wallet or purse?
    No, really.
    It’s getting easier, so I guess more likely every day.
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    Cheaper on Discount Dragon website. I ordered 2 packs from there last week for £1.98 !!
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    Bought these from eBay for a fiver, definitely do their job, they're a lot bigger in person though for reference you could probably fit your phone in too
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    Ordered 8