Pack of 4 Kinder Bueno Chocolate £1 @ Asda

Pack of 4 Kinder Bueno Chocolate £1 @ Asda

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Just seen these in Asda. They sell individual bars for 52p!


awesome. daily lunches sorted now


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On the subject of Kinder Bueno Choc Pack does anyone know where I can buy the White Choc Pack? I much prefer the White Choc version of it :oops: and a pack of 4 would be cheaper than buying them individually whether there's a deal or no deal!

Trouble is you need all 4 in one go, seeing they're designed for your average 4 year old.

Heat fro me, my daughter absolutely loves these!

mmmm. heat added
these are one of my fave.
sometimes sainsbury has them on sale for a little over a quid/4pk, so this is a great deal.
i like how they individually wrap each bar, although i often end up eating both in one sitting.

25p each, bargain

eating one right now :P

yum, HOT, yum

Yes can confirm priced up at £1.60 on shelf but went through till at £1.00 :thumbsup:
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